Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Hello, I am LuUeE, today, i teach you
a math equation, this is called
"The theory behind getting a women"

So from the equation 1 from the above diagram.
Women = time X money
This is the equation to find women.

Time, yes, i got 5 minutes.
And money i also got. erm.
1 dollar.

SO now i will calculate.
5 minutes i have X 1 dollar i have = women.

2nd equation from the above diagram
Time = money
5 minutes = 1 dollar

Now since 5 minutes = 1 dollars means
i can sustitude it in the equation 1 which is

5 minutes i have (I sub here) X 1 dollar i have

now, Women = 1 dollar X 1 dollar
Har, Women is only worth 1 dollar????

Hmm, after happily equating this amount
I got 1 dollar, so i am gonna get my women

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Serene Flash Banner Complete

Monday, August 28, 2006

My secret identity..

Time for me to tell you the truth,
nothing but the truth.

I am actually a girl disguised as
a guy.

This is the real me.

HAHAHA.. Shocked?

I was browsing on the net when i
found myself. Check it out

She's called LuYeeTang too.
I is LuYeeTang too.

@int it sacartic of the day

HE : If I could see you naked, I'd die happy.
SHE : If I saw you naked, I'd probably die laughing.

HE : Go on ,don't be shy. Ask me out.
SHE : Okay, get out.


Imagine that you could place your face on
money. And spend money with your face on
it. That would be cool. hmm..

Even couples can have good memories. haha..

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Morality Reasoning.

Sharon and Jill were best friends.
One day, they went shopping, Jill tried
on the coat and just walked out the shop
and a security guard demanded Sharon

"Come on now, come clean, you could get
into trouble if you don tell me your friend's

In my class today, i was given this case.

Is there anything wrong here?

Basically i think if i were Sharon I would
not give out Jill;s name.


I think Jill may have forgotten about the

why is it that the security guard
needs to force Sharon to give out Jill's name
when he could have walked out and stopped
her himself. IS HE FAT?

And are there no CCTV'S
in da house.

And aint there any alarms that work
when a shoplifter carries a coat out
the door through the alarm system


Picture of the Day

Nope, this is not what you think it
is, It's just your friendly monster who
looks cool. nd I found this on friendster.

@int it sarcastic of the day

HE: Can I have your name?
SHE: Why? Don't you already have one?

HE: Where have you been all my life?
SHE: Hiding from you.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Cool things i've found this few weeks

Toilet Surfing

From my own research LAB, I have
tested this new sport known as the

Who is this for ? For those who love
the windsurfing, yatching, skiing.
We r talking bout extreme sports here.

2. Only for the Mature Audience

Are you 18?

Is that what i think it is?
A party?

Am i allowed to say the word
3 ***E.

Yes. Then you are already 18 ++.

Then when you get older you will
learn what this cool party is.

A giant. I lose.
Only the mature audience knows
what that 2 feet thing is.

Yes, i know YOU wana know where
to buy such cool souveniers.
To find out, Go to Kim's blog.

3." You r reading LuuEe's Blog


"You read (Ah June) rasa emo blog"

Hmm.. how bout yours?
You Watch (Cinema) Pirates of the carribean 2.


And that is this weeks cool stuff.

Niang Niang

Niang Niang A girly action

So where can you see this Niang niang action?

GIRLS, yea, is a built in behavior.
But how bout
when a guy adopts this niang niang action.
Yes, I mean guys.


GIRL: I love a guy with pink shirt

Me: Hmm, A fat guy with niang niang action in a pink shirt
A fat and fully pimpled guy who wants to kiss you
and wearin a pink shirt? And don't forget to put in
niang niang.

Yes, I know you feel a bit yucky at this moment.
Hand in your chocolates to me now.

So why did this niang niang action occur?

I basicly have no idea, I need subjects to experiment.
If you found one, please mail him to me at the following

Niang niang experiment,
P.o.boz 999, Niang niang land.

But is it good that there are guys who possess this
niang niang actions?

Yes, And no.

Yes, becoz got someone to bully,
Plus there are less competition for me.

and No way, can i accept his niang niang

I have been going to the gym with all d hard work and it's for my future wife.

Lesson: No lesson learnt. Just wanna waste your time.

Note: I am not against gays, The following above is mostly
for fun and fictional


Comic generated using


EMiiLy's CAT and I

EmiiLy's cat was brought to my house
to be taken care of while she went on
a vacation.

Cat Tis LuuEe, Don really know why she
trust him in takin care of me, n he is so
bad placing the mouse in this shoe,

Now that i am so hungry i've got no
choice but to dig into the shoe.

Cat Yes now i've reach my meal and eaten him

Cat Oh No, I am stuck

Me: I came home, Pulled him
out of the shoe, I think he was stuck inside
for more than 30 minutes.

Oh no, The cat pengsan already. So got to bring to
pet clinic.

Why it pengsan?

Smelling my shoes and Eat the mouse
which also fainted from smelling my

PENGSAN means FAINT after smelling
LuUeE smelly shoe after he went
to toilet plus LuUeE bad breath doin

Thursday, August 17, 2006


I am your friend and

Now, GOOD TIME is your friend.

Darn, I thought i was your
Btw, do cats smile like that?

Yes, this sponge represents humanity.

I NEED to get to the nearest
pharmacy to get my humanity

PIctures from


Kek means To put pressure on Your friend when they put pressure on you especially by the use of sarcastic words. You can Kek your friend, or be kek.


Me: I go to the gym to lift weights
My friend: Just don't turn gay

I am kek by my friend.

So how do you kek someone?
Look at the following conversation below.

Damn the Msn has been rejecting
My messages

My friend
Ya bad luck from rejection

Ya, i know i am bad luck.
And if you talk with me you will
get bad luck too.

Hmm, since you are so good
in computers, why not open
a computer shop in the future?

My friend
Ya, you invest in me

But I am bad luck
scared later if i invest in you
then you will be out of business

My friend
Ya but your money is
good luck

My money too is bad luck

My friend after 5 minutes
So what r you doin ?

Kekeke.. So I have kek my friend.

Kek your friends before they
kek you back.


Monday, August 14, 2006


Hi, I am Inspector chief, LuUeE, and today
i will investigate on another crime,
and this time, i've got the crime solved.
From the last brutal crime, only a partial
solution was found.

This morning i woke up and saw a patch of
blood on the floor. So I wanted to investigate.
DNA Was found.

The other crime scene. Blood was found in the
kitchen sink.

And so after intense interogation of ants,
and with the help of my sidekicks, I've finally
solved the problem.

Oh, it's just SARDINES, no crime.

Sunday, August 13, 2006



Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hair or Brush?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Have you ever loved someone so bad..

My name is LuUeE,
I am your reLationship
lecturer for the day.

Topic of the day:
Have you ever loved someone
so bad and when they left you
felt that there was a cut

in yo heart and that you were
hurt really badly.

No worries, Me is here.

So they never cared bout you,
never wanna understand you,
never wanna listen to you,

But the question is..

YOU LOVE THEM? iS that what
suppose love is to be?

Let me tell you what will happen
to everyone, No matter how
nice they may be, how you may
love them so much.

Ya Know. And they get old in the future.

They get wrinkled. yea.
They fart too.

Do you wanna smell the fart of
someone who don love you?

Do you wanna kiss a spouse that
is wrinkled in 20 yrs who don love

Or you wanna be with someone who loves you?


Yes, often i hear this statement.

"He's the one, i know it"
"She's the one, i know it"

If he or she is the one, Why are they hurting you?

Is he or she worth hurting for.
They don give a shit about you.

Moral: Don give up cos of someone,
Be strong and endure it. You will
find someone lots better.

BEAUTY FADES. personality don.

This should be what a loving couple looks like.


I am LuuEe and today, I've made some
comics to share with all of you
that i thought was pretty funny.
Lots more to come.

Scenario 1

Scenario 2
The following conversation was taken from
Nyokk's Lame Part 1,2,3.

Scenario 3

Yes, now, if you love to eat your sister's food.
This is an excuse. hehe.. It's just meh.

Miss Baby Jee: Men... I just can't understand them...


A friend asked me a rather what I called common question (I'm not referring to you Edison *hint*) the other day that all tend to ask...

"do you put make up??"

yes... I do... and today... consider yourselves lucky coz' I'm gonna list em' out...

1) My trusty Sun block

2) conseallor (I hope I got the spelling right)

3) My eye-lash pretty-mizer mascara


4) Lipstick

Now my secret is revealed...

But this is not my main blog point for today...

Here's the thing...

Guys always tell me...

"I like my girl looking all natural w/out make up..."

but what if we're born ugly but we have the skill???

Should we not make use of our pretty skills to enhance our beauty???

What's up with men and their "I want my girl to be all natural" and "I hate seeing girls with make-up"??

Then don't watch porn lorr!! girls there put a shit load of make up what...

If you ask me... I don't like looking things that I don't like and I will not ever like it...

I suppose it's human nature to want to see pretty things...

And more often than not... I hear my guy friends complaining...

"e yer... I don like looking at her laaa... make-up so thick"


"ee yer... she so ugly... "(<--- girl w/out make-up)


"eee she looks ugly without her make-up"

Ok... fine... so what do you all like to see then??

You want us to not wax our legs and wear mini-skirts for you to see??

or you want us to no wax our thick eye-soring disfigured eyebrows??

And crapo... or are you jelous that we can cover up our pimples and you can't coz' if you do... you'll be called a GAY???

haha... C'mon... nothing in this world is natural... and it's a fact...

Ok la... if you're still not convinced try not wearing clothes, coz' god made us all naturally naked... and stop preventing natural sex by not wearing condoms... if natural is all you want...

Don't wipe your butt with tissue paper lo... use leaves instead.

I don't see most of you helping the nature...I see an increasing number of inconsiderate people smoking everyday... and trying to choke me to death (so unatural if I die like this) so why ask for natural things when you can't even handle reality??

WAke up... and lastly, If you want natural things... I'll give u a very nice suggestion...

Go to your room....

Sit down and think of something like inventing a time machine that would bring you back to the stone age where Adam and Eve was born when things are all natural.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Me and my friend had a very interesting Conversation

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The most pissful Blog entry of mine...

Damn Pissful day today I got.

Me and a couple of friends walked into the
classroom happily. What did the Lecturer say?

"Class is full, you can't come it"
Attending lecture is a crime now.
She offended Lim Pe (Lim Pe means father)

Damn, your( to the lecturer) subject so proud
to attend meh? I just attend becoz got no damn

I wanted to punch her in the nose so hard.
Even if she's a she. But i was in a pretty good
mood and left.

I even spoked politely to her.
And she treated me and my friends in such
a bad way.

I am always the very happy guy who never
wanna find trouble. dAMN her.

My friend then said "What if her children got
such a bad treatment." She also get
piss man.

JUST WAIT. Last thing to say bout this lecturer.
50 years old already don come teach la.
Just go home sleep.

Sorry, Readers. Just wanna share with you a
really bad experience. I don usually scold

Moral: If you get bullied, Don't stand down
if you are right, Always fight for your ground.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Get Yo own LuUeE cuStomized FlaSh Banner

I am giving away for this month
10 free banners.

If you want your banner, Get them now.

I've made Baby Jee one.

Kim And Ang Gu Gu have made their bookings.
There are 7 more.

The only thing you have to contribute is
be a guest author for my blog which will be
a new section to be launched soon.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This is what the storm did to him,
but he survived.

The interview

Reporter: What happened?

Cow: I was in this hip cool farm pub with
me chicks carrying around me Ka bling's
and showing off to the Fat butted Lady moos.

Cow: Yea, that's a 3 Ka Ka rat Moo OrigiNel.

Reporter: And then?

Cow: I brought this Lady to the
coolest farm house. And was about to

Darn, the tornado came and got me and
me ladies. AND ME LOOKS.

I was sucked into D Tornado.

At first I met a sumo wrestler.
And saw what the tornado was doin to him.
All of his oil was sucked out.
And he became a handsome GUy.

Cow: Then i met this Martial Artist,
he wanted to show off his moves,
So i fought with him.

I saw one of your camera men and
decided to post.

Reporter: We took another
cool pic of yours.