Saturday, August 05, 2006

Have you ever loved someone so bad..

My name is LuUeE,
I am your reLationship
lecturer for the day.

Topic of the day:
Have you ever loved someone
so bad and when they left you
felt that there was a cut

in yo heart and that you were
hurt really badly.

No worries, Me is here.

So they never cared bout you,
never wanna understand you,
never wanna listen to you,

But the question is..

YOU LOVE THEM? iS that what
suppose love is to be?

Let me tell you what will happen
to everyone, No matter how
nice they may be, how you may
love them so much.

Ya Know. And they get old in the future.

They get wrinkled. yea.
They fart too.

Do you wanna smell the fart of
someone who don love you?

Do you wanna kiss a spouse that
is wrinkled in 20 yrs who don love

Or you wanna be with someone who loves you?


Yes, often i hear this statement.

"He's the one, i know it"
"She's the one, i know it"

If he or she is the one, Why are they hurting you?

Is he or she worth hurting for.
They don give a shit about you.

Moral: Don give up cos of someone,
Be strong and endure it. You will
find someone lots better.

BEAUTY FADES. personality don.

This should be what a loving couple looks like.


Blogger littleguybigkitchen said...

hmmm... depends who the person he/she love. ppl say love is blind. marriage open your eyes. :) so, who are you loving now? lolx

8:03 AM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

Hahaha.. Marriage is an eye opener. Only after marriage, one can see the true color of the spouse. If it's not what one can tolerate, then there will be a problem. Sometimes, i think it's better to live together first before marriage to check it both partners are even compatible.

Hahaha.. Yes, Little guy kitchen, I am lovin you right now. You r loving me? hahaha.. Jk jk.. Take care.

9:41 AM  
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