Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oh.. my.. Shoot also don know how to shoot
properly.. Don't even bother to take up the
cover seat before shooting.

What am i talking about?


But first, before you look at this picture,
go and eat your meal first.

In conjuction with Section A 67,
it is a crime to Simply shoot on the
tOILET seat.

Will you look at that.. man..
Don't know whose Boyfriend did that..
At the public toilet. Can he just lift up the
toilet cover.

That poor aunty who cleans the toilet
now has to look at it. I bet if he was to
clean that, he would PUKe.

so after i came out of the toilet, went to
the car park to drive my Baby, Vivien,
SAW one really cool designed car.

I think it's sweeet, I guess, this guy
knew his Gal loved cartoons, so he decorated
the whole car with so many stickers.

How romantic can guys be.

Arrived home, and chatted With My friend,
Eliza, and so she made some really cool statements,

Me: so you bought a burger for yourself?

HER: Nope.

Me: How come?

HER: bought for my cousing, My mommy,
and myself. hahha..

*LuUeE has Fainted*


Monday, May 21, 2007

Drinking something that has almost expired.

I just remembered yesterday night,
that i bought a drink a day ago,
but fogotten to drink it,
So i went to drink it. Taste so sour.
The drink is usually sweet. I think
The bacteria has already eaten alot
of the sweet part. No choice,
the drink is cost 2 bucks.

At the end, i drank half of it,
Drank 1 buck.

Luckily, the next day,
i din have any diareahea.
Sorry, i long time, din have speling
test, my spelling seems to suck

But no worries. I just google's.
Spelling checker. hahaha..

BOoMb Japan SEEMS to be the most
relevant Word. HUAHAHAUAUA..
So lucky, i din bomb japan.
IF not today, i din thnink i would be
blogging here. Would be stuck in the toilet.
Smelling Expired gas.
From the expired drink.

*LuUeE* has fainted. hahha..


Got this from YES, SOMMPI FORUM again.


Bout male boobies
So funny.

Lackluster: okay i have like muscular boobies...
i would show you guys a picture but im kinda
embarrassed by my boobies lol!

So which Male boobies have you got?
The question is to be or not to be.

No worries. The second male boobies can be
cured. Just go to the gym, and eat less..

And so these are some of the responses
i got from Soompi Forum with regards to
Male Boobies. Btw, i call my Male Boobies.

L And R, Right and Left.

N nope, my right male boobie, isn't call
the right male boobie, in fact it,s called


Soompi member responses on Male Boobies.

lmao! xD
hmm... i think man boobies are kinda scary.. o____o;;
but I guess it's quite not to some other girls lol. xD
er.. and i don't know if that's exactly a turn off or not >_>

if you mean man boobies as in PECKS then
it's a turn on. but.. if you mean man boobies
as in you probably need a bra...then that's
a total turn OFF.

If it's flabby, it's a turn off, like if it's like the
kid in your signature, then yes, it's a turn
off, but if it's musclar, it's a turn onn.

Turn off. I don't want a guy with bigger
boobs than mine.

Friday, May 18, 2007

My father is pretty Cute. if you ask me.

A few days ago, he asked me to put some
MP3 s into his handphone.

So yea, i placed techno, old song, new songs.
I set the message tone, to A techno. So it
would sound very very cool. Although,
i knew my father wanted an Oldie.

So later, he complained to me,

Son, I don't listen to techno at all, Please la
Delete it. I want oldies.

So i deleted all the Technos and placed..
All Oldies.

The next day, while i was sleeping. Son,
Can you put some technos inside?


Yesterday , i went out with my sis and Eliza.
And her admirer.

yes, it was funny. That's why i writing it here.

So we were to go this Cafe, And the parking
for this place always full. Then don't park
illegally also cannot.

So we changed place to hang out. Arrived at this
place. And so my sis admirer caLLED.

He parked the car, nearby, and so he din
wanna come down of the car, asked my sister
go and find him at the car. While he din wanna
sit down in my table.

No ball. I told my sister, if he was to talk
with my sis, he should not ask her
to go to the car, should just be a man
and sit down. Talk.

So he kept on saying he din wanna come down.
I kept telling my sister, if he wanna talk
with her, he should have balls and come down.

So at the end,

He said he wanted to leave. BUT JUST AS
HE drove away. AND GUESS WHAT?
He come back and sit. NOW HE'S GOT THE BALLS.
mwhahhaah.. YES, THAT'S WHAT A MAN should do.



Why, look at the way he parks.
Aint that cool. One car, taking three parking spaces.
In Miri, parking in illegal places like on yellow line,
or parking three spaces is considered legal.

COZ IF YOU AINT ILLEGAL, you aint legal.
Got thAT from too fast too furious.
If you aint out of control, you aint in control.

The price of oil is so expensive in Malaysia,
that everyone do not bother to find proper parkings.
mwhah. but who knows i might be wrong.

Show you this pic.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Today's post is bout LOVE..
and i love talking bout LOVE,
coz everyone LOVES LOVE.
LOVE .. AH... chhhh..

One day out with a my good friend, Eliza, ahaha..
We saw a couple, wore shirts that matched each

She said "WHAT THE? " Matching uniforms?
Scared people din know they are a couple, is it?"

I Laughed so hard, and to continue, there was
another annoying thing that some couples do
in the public, like holding each other so tight in
in public, kissing, being romantic.


Please, Baby, let me hold your bag.

Please ,Baby, I buy all the things you want me to,
and i will give you all the things you want.

Hmm, What about after he got married with his wife?
How many actually still do these romantic stuff?

Anyways, next, Some of the rejections line,
i got from a website. Thats its cool to use. mwhaha..

he:"Your place or mine?"
she:"Both. You go to yours and I'll go to mine."

he:"What sign were you born under?"
she:"No Parking."

he: "Haven't I seen you someplace before?"
she:"Yeah, that's why I don't go there anymore."

He says "Where have you been all my life"
She says "Hiding from the hell did you find me?"

guy:did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
girl: did it hurt when they kicked you out of hell??

Guy: If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put I and U togather
Girl: Oh really, because if I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put F and U

"I'd like to call you. What's your number?"
"It's in the phone book."
"But I don't know your name."
"That's in the phone book too."


One morning i was in bed at 7am when i heard some glass smashed.
I got up imidiately altough i was sleepy just to check how Vivien
was. I was worried bout her. BTW, Vivien's my car.

I went out my door looked around, ah.. Vivien's fine.

Recently, i've hurt Vivien....

Dear Vivien,
i know we've been married for some time
now, when your dirty, i wash you,
Everyday i hold your hand (the steering wheels),
I am really sorry for being so careless,
Scratched your heart(bumper) very badly,
I know this will hurt you for a while,
When i start to work, i promise you,
to try my best and make it up for you...

So another thing i found out,
Guys who do not have mascular hands,
and hairy armpits better stick to wearing
sleeved shirts. Or else.

GALS will get really turned off.
Looking at the sweaty flabby hands
bounce as they run. And with the hair..
BUSHING OUT. Litterally through the armpit.
you can already feel the smell, although
i know the realy smell is worst.
Sleevelessness has one disadvantage too,
when running, people can see hairs
rubbing against the armpit..

Can also use to scrub Woks.


Thursday, May 10, 2007



Why superman used to fly with one hand?
nowadays he flies with two hands?

Last time, There were manual gear shifts
nowadays There's always auto.


I have chatted with a new friend. Quite a funny conversation.

My friend: Who are you?
Me: The question is how did you get my email address..
My friend: You are quite handsome and cute.
Me: Hmm, who knows, maybe i am a fat ugly guy
sitting behind the computer
and that is the only nice pics i've taken.

There are some more interesting stuff that i fogot.

Sometimes who knows, i might really be a fat guy
behind the pc. MWAHAHAA.. There was once
my friend was about to date this gal who claimed
she looked like BRITNEY and so on the day of
the date, he went to find BRITNEY. only to his

Talking bout love,

sometimes, my friend teases me
when i go out with my gal.
They will like to say

"ooo.. that's your gf. hahha"
For me, i am fine with that. Cause, hehe.. I don't really mind.

I would say, yea. that's my gf.
And we got a great fun. mwhaha..

So you interested know her?

Who says a guy and a gal can't walk around as friends.
And only couples do it. I do the walking around all the time
too with my guy friends. mwhhaha..


Went to collect my grad regalia coz i graduating, and it was
at a hallway where i had to queue. And it was damn
hot, and then the people around me was
talking. In fact, all of them are talking, talking.

=.=lll Making the place even hotter, absorbing all the
oxygen around the place.

IN THE ROOM. I was sweating like a roasted
pig in an oven. My shirt. I wet. Sweated. hai..
Need to wash it again. Too bad.



Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I got this from
Pretty Amazing if you asked me, and i agree...

1. Guys do not care if their friends have gained
or lost any weight as long as it's not becoming
too think or too fat.

Gal A: WAH LAU, why you grow so fat???
Gal B: Kek Tioz =.= lll

Guys: Let's go eat KFC, MC DONALDS
Guy B: I got fatter already wo.
Guy: Don't be a sissy and eat more.
If you don't eat, you don't give me face.
And if you don't give me face,
you don't give my aunty face...

2. Guys do not need to shave below their necks.
But if we do shave below our necks, gals would
not wanna be near us by the second week
cause the hair would be too sharp and short
and it hurts.

The hair can use for scrubbing woks and pans.

3. Few pair of shoes, shirt, jeans are more than enough,
and when we go travel, just one suitcase will do.
And guys only take about 5 minutes to prepare.

Guy a wants to ask his Guy B friend out
Guy a: EH, brother, later you want limteh (cafe)
Guy b: Sure, No problems.
Guy a: I pick you up in 10 minutes
Guy B: Ok.

4. Guys can whip off shirt (topless) at a hot day. . .

5. You can quietly watch a game with you buddy for
hours without ever thinking, "He must be mad at me."

Yea.. We just sit there enjoying football game, wrestling..
And is blank in the mind.

6. One mood, all the time. Yep, i dont know bout this one,
but i guess there are some guys who have different types
of mood.. Sissiness.. Angry.. nagging.. But yea, on a general
basis a guy has no expressions at all whether he is angry, sad..
When he is sad, he just sits there blank. Angry also sits there blank.


7. We can just go to any toilet we want, standing
there doing business, without thinking whether the
toilet is dirty or not, coz there is not body contact.
And when guys are in the toilet, guys do not talk with each
other. Or else, that sounds gayish. So as a result, it
cuts aways loads of toilet waiting time for other dudes.

8. You can sit with you knees apart no matter what you're

360 degrees wide apart also can
180 degrees wide apart also can
90 degrees wide apart also can

9. You don't have to leave the room to make an
emergency crotch adjustment.

Guy A: i wanna adjust my crotch, it's an emergency..
Guy B: No problems, just adjust that crotch.
Scratching crotch is a healthy thing.

10. You don't care if someone's talking about you
behind your back. Yea, this one is true, TRUE,
but i really dislike it, when i see other guys talking
gossip of other people, sounds like an aunty..

11. The remote control is yours and yours alone.
And it has my name on it. And i memorized every
singly button on this remote. I know my remote.

Hbo is on my thumb finger
Star Movie is on my middle finger,
Star world is on my Little finger

Got one more finger , i don't know what to call.
But it controls my CNBC channel.

12. When asking for to borrow from a guy, usually
it just takes 5 seconds...

Guy: Can i borrow you Book?
Guy B: Yea sure.

13. When you wanna go out with a meeting with
other friends, it just take 10 minutes for preparation.
mwhaha. . coz we don't really care how the other person
looks, it would be really weird to see my friend prepared
with makeup on his face. I would run away like a speeding
bullet train. And never talk to him again.

14. If another guy shows up at the party in the same outfit,
you just might become lifelong buddies. Yea, true true..
We guys don't really care, if other guys wear the same outfit

15. If you don't call your buddy when you say you will,
he won't tell your other friends you've changed. Yea, if
guys becomes friends, good friends, even though we din
talk for one year and met a year later, we still would be
great buddies no questions asked

16. GUYS underwear is $10 for a three-pack. That is
why the guys section has not many guys buying clothes.
We just go into a shopping mall, go to the guys section,
pick anything, as long as it covers, pay money. DONE

17. Guys only activity in a shopping mall is to find
somewhere nice, a cafe, pub, bar, to talk with friends
for hours, drinking that cup of coffee or tea, sip by
sip for hours talking crap.

Guys: haha.. I got one friend, he has a wife, is so big size
twice his size. He uses his motorbike to drive his wife around.
Guy b: I think one time, i saw his motorbike plate
number from behind. I was in the car and his motorbike
was in front of me.

I saw, how come his wife use the motorbike nowadays.
Oh.. It seems that he got covered by his wife.

Guy C: WAH LAU. so can his feet really stand it,
when parking down waiting for the traffic light
since you need to keep the bike stable?

Guy: Hai yo, simple thing also don't know,
his wife put both leg down, the whole motorbike
also already stable.

18. When a breakup happens for guys, guys have never been
sleepless and eatless for weeks. It just takes a day or so to recover.

19. Guys do not go thinking what happened to them
if anything bad happens, coz our brain (guys)
are designed in such a way that we just pretend
nothing has ever happened.

And these are just some of
the reasons why god
created guys to be like this, coz we

married the ladies and do not mind of how they look,
think as long as we're wedded to them.

I m not sure what other guys are like, but this is what
me and my friends are like.