Saturday, April 28, 2007

JOB.. hai.. like finding GF.

Recently I was hired again. But i've resigned.

Nissan 350Z.

Yes, She belongs to Me.
I will call her Baby.

This is the second job, i've quit before even
starting it. I just feel that something is missing.

This time, i went to this company who offered
me Rm 500 and commission. Work hours are
from 10 - 9.30pm.

20000 sales commission is just Rm 500.
So in a month my salary would be around 1000.

If i took this job, i would be working the whole
day. When will i get a time to date, go gym,
look at cars, look at money.. YEA.

when i saw him..


Finally his fox tail has come out. He did not smile
at all. He din look at me. I could see a big black
cloud on top of his head. HE "BIN SO CAU CAU".
That means FACE BLACK.



HAHA.. he looked calm outside. But i could
see he was not so feeling so calm. This is how he
loook like from inside out.

Wonder what if i was his gf and i've rejected him. hahaha..

Saturday, April 21, 2007

First.. I really tulan (Bee song ( Not very like)) people who ask me for
my personal stuff to just criticize it.

I was at this shopping mall, when a guy
asked me my age. He was a sales person.

What"S your age?
And he stops there.
It's the longest only i've heard so far.

Not that i mind bout anything, but that's just plain
rude. For me, if i have nothing nice to say,
i won't open my mouth. yep, Only the most
honest answers you can get from the honest guy. mwhaha..
THAT'S JUST ME. Cause i am LuUeE.

What does that mean, man, do i look 30.. Just jeloz i am younger than
him still got many years of looking good in front of him.
BLEKS to him. Skinny man.

Jus jelos.. this guy.


Hmm.. What i found out i love bout gals.

PERFUME. number 1. A great perfume on an attractive gal
makes my mind go blank. And just wanna smell more.

A really cool Stlye.

A perfect smile.

A nicely lightly dyed brown hair.

A great attitude.

And a cute baby face.

A notti and bad gal attitude.

White Tofu skin.

The typa gal that can send electric into me. hehe..

Hmm.. yep, these are what i think really attracts me
in a gal. Drooling now. thinking of it.

Went to swimming a couple of days ago.

Haiz.. too bad, that's not what the swimming
arena looked like at the day i went.

Got some tan. Feels good to know, i am a bit
darker in color. Looks more solid. Like a rock.
Hmm.. still remembered this funny stuff
my friend said.

One day, he and some guys saw a really
hot gal, she went into the water swimming,
and then they placed their googles, went
in the water, went to swimm, and you know
what they saw. IT WAS HORRIFIC.
I GOTTA WARN YOU FIRST. this ones' gonna
spoil your appetite.


esp near the bikinis she was wearing.
Who knows i might, be the guy who saw that too.

Saw some guys, hmm... which inspired me to built
men's bra, comes from size a to c. The only difference,
they can legally show off at the public without being
caught. Whenever they were near the water, there
is a danger. Would the water splash out till there was
none. hahaha..

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sorry, my friends that i've not updated long.
This one is gonna be long.

Something cute and sarcastic today.

Chocolate time..

yes, This is my fav chocolate.

-- Its always a wonder why some people,
buy the lousy chocolates.

One of my friends, bought me a chocolate bought from
Somewhere, cannot say the name.

When i ate it, It tasted just like a candle.
Yes, except their black in color. That friend, really
stingy, buy stuff for friend always buy the lousy things.
Man, candles are lighting up when there's no light.

OO.. yea, my friend who i said, won't be reading this
message. But friend, i think you need to buy me better
chocolates. I don't like candle wax.

And even the wrapper cover of that chocolate my friend
gave looks like it is only 1.99 le. i also can take 1.99
from my own pocket.

And this friend very unique, When she counts the cents,
she counts the cents. I mean it. Once.

OOpps.. did i say is a she. That's right. It's a she.
And not just any she. Is a stingy gal.

Once i was in the shopping, i bought something.
It was erm.. 12.99.

I paid with 13 bucks. And you know what she did?
Instead of paying me 13 bucks, paid me 12.99.
Man, i paid with a dollar. I hate cents. And you
know what's worse? This really is the number one
stingy thing you will ever had to hear.

Can i pay 12.50. *PENG*


I never did it..

haha.. Sometimes, i hear people who say i never did it..
But yes, they did it.. Example.

A guy: Hmm, Many guys so damn desperate, love to court gals.
Lucky i not like that.
Another guy: Hey, man, din't i see you courting Silvia just now?



Me and my bro was talking something silly today.

Him: Tommorrow you free ka?
Me: yea, you want me ka?
Him: Yes paktol.
Me: ok, sure. Let's go paktol. Can you be my gf?
Him: Ooo.. sorry handsome, i got another guy.

After i read this on msn, i laughed so much. hahaha..

Him: So tommorrow nite where you going?
Me: Oh, one of my friend who smokes, his whole house
very very smelly, so i going there. I think i need a gas

Thursday, April 12, 2007

This first song here i've got this time, is from a guy..
Quite funny to some extend, but some parts are not for
younger viewers. Younger viewers be warned.

====-----Today's whole theme is dedicated
to love.

I was on a forum a couple of days ago, and
saw a forum's topic. It was titled "What turns off/

I am gonna paste in here some of the funniest
most sarcastic stuff i've read in here.

Some of the most common turn ons are the following.
Nice smile
Good fashion sense
Nice skin
Nice teeth

But i think the turn offs are more interesting.
Coz they are really funny.

long greasy hair
bad acne
bowl cut hair
bad grades (no effort)
disgusting habits
pimples all over face
dandruff all over hair
shorter than me
Cries easily
Had too many gfs in the past
Bushy eyebrows
BORING personalities!
Crappy fashion
stubby nose
wannabe gangster looks
too skinny
Smells horrible
Flat hair
Using the F word every other word (such an insult to the vast vocabulary in our language)
Overly sensitive/romantic
Sweet-talkers who are too obvious
gigantic yellow plague-covered teeth
big hairy nostrils with boogers hanging out of them
mustache..... i think some mustaches have mustache lice..... or fleas...
ghetto talk
constant whining and complaining

If you wanna read the full list of stuff
of what was written click here.
This is where i got it from.

I think a good boyfriend should be one
that will not mind about what his gf does
as long as it's acceptable,
not feel jealous, have goals in life,
athletic, likes to listen to his gf when
she talks, good mannered, not too masculine,
funny, gives a gal comfort, space.. love..
yea.. I guess, that's it.

I think what turns me on in a gal is
cute, has a cute big smile, cute personality...Chubby face.
Wants my attention all the time.. hehe..
i guess that's it.

Speaking of this, I was at a restaurant a few days ago,
Saw one man. On his face was a map of my garden.
There was so many hard pimples stuck there.
And it was black color. And.. It's proximity(distance)
was just nearby each other. It was like a cookie
that was stuck on his face. As he wanted to call a
waitress to come over to him, he raise one of his
hands up high. And lighted up the lighter.
I told my sister, who loves to pinch pimples,
that quickly go pinch it from his face.
I can imagine him singing disco. One hand
up and one hand down.

hehe.. Speaking of love here. I've gotten a whole
list of love songs, that i will place in my blog pretty

Starting from the second song. The band is called
Nb Ridaz, They are mexican and they sound korean.

Still there are stuff that i think should remain at
home at not out in the public for couples.

Like kissing in front of me and
Hugging in front of me like eating a
very very delicious MCdonald's Ice Cream.
Hmm.. Makes me hungry now.
ICE CREAM... yummy...

Then what appens after they married,
How come i din see so much of those intimate
moments. W

maybe this is what the gal saw.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I was about to join an sales job, but i figured out
something was fishy. Before you become an sales
agent, you needed a license. And to get a license you need
a test. Without a test, the recruiter wanted me to sell the product.

I had no idea what i was selling.
So I asked the recruiter a few questions

Me: So if i don know a single thing, can i follow you around
while you meet new clients to learn from you?

Him: You just let me know when you have clients, call me
and then ask me to come to explain to them.

Me: Huh? But that would annoy the person who i want to
sell coz they would not wanna wait 30 more minutes for
the product to be presented. People do not want to wait.
They would be thinking why is this person selling me this
product while he has no idea.

Him: There's gonna be a sales training on mid this month.
You wanna attend, its good. 500 just for the conference.
Ticket not included.

Me: Huh? In that case, my mommy would whoop my ass.
Haven earn the first salary already need to pay for expenses.

Him: Oh, so can you write a list of 100 of your friends?
Me: I don't think i can even complete 15. By the way,
how do i get to sell to those people that i do not know.
My friends, either they've graduated and has gone back
to their home town, Then other friends are students,
and some friends who work, has free time at night,
but that time they need to rest. And so if friday and
sundays, that's family day.

So at the end, i din take the job. Coz i know that if i do
sell under this recruiter, all my customers at the end
would be his. I think my face aint thick enough. Later,
all the mothers in law would not let me marry their
daughters. hhaha.. Father in laws would kick me out
of the door. blehz.

When i ask questions, i really need to ask questions
to make shure i really understand everything.
if not later customers would be complaining to me.


I know some of you is in love. I don't deny it, me too.
So i've brought you a calculator. Aijiet, hmm, we very
much know what that is.

haha.. This is a love calculator, it calculates whether you
and your partner is compatible or not, you can do this
just by keying in the names.

click here.

Try it, it's fun. I tried it and the result is astounding.

Speaking of fun, i found a very funny video.
This is what happens, if a bug goes into the skin.
It's not everyday that these situation occurs.

A Bug Problem - (Evolution) - More free videos are here

Next time if a bug goes into your skin, you need to take it from behind
as that is shown in the movie. I think that's the correct way.
As i've known, if you have this type of surgery, it is gonna cost alot
of money for the bug to be removed. Just like shown in the video.
And i know some friends who are in need to get some cheaper cars.

So i've imported some cars specially for those who seek a cheaper
car right now. It's a deal.

Only 5.99 now. 5.99. This car is so cool.
Everyone will notice it.

If you ain satisfied with that ride,
your gonna love this. For this, it's free, just ask
your great boyfriend to carry you in such a manner.
This is good esp when you feel tired. Or sleepy.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Is there such a thing as
fried ice cream,

Recently, i was talking with
my good friend gf,
Wing Gf, she told me
she ate fried ice cream,
then i was thinking?

hmm.. is it possible even
to have fried ice cream?
Coz ice cream is cold and
frying is hot.
Just like gals are gals and guys
are guys,
they are diffeent.

Hmm.. so i guess, when were eating ice cream fried,
it means we are eating gays (between a guy and gal)
but even gays have one gender too. If a gal becomes
a gay, she's still a gal.. hmm..


Got this from a site.

[maxty] hihi
[maxty] intro?
<******> 14f
[maxty] wow so young onli arh?
<******> does tt bothr u?
[maxty] no lah, juz tt nt legal loh
[maxty] *dotz*.. why u say until lyk tt leh.
[maxty] cup size wat?
[maxty] u haf b4 meh?
<******> how old r u?
[maxty] u haf b4?
[maxty] 28
<******> nope never had b4
[maxty] means u virgin rite?
<******> nope not virgin
[maxty] but i tot u neva?
<******> never wat?
[maxty] i ask if u gt haf sex mah
<******> oh tt one, no never have sex b4. i stil so young. Sex what?!
[maxty] den hw come u not virgin?
<******> cos when i was young, my brother damn cheeky, he stuck a sausage in my vagina then kingsley come and bite the sausage
<******> ever since then no more virgin loh

[maxty] huh ur brother fuck u?
<******> siao ah, my brother stuck a PORK sausage in my vagina lah
<******> u know, the BBQ kind. Can eat one

[maxty] what is kingsley?
[maxty] how come he come bite u? u got 2 brothers ah?
<******> nah la, kingsley is my pet dog.
[maxty] so ur dog bite ur down there and ttz why u nt virgin?
[maxty] haha cannot just bite den nt virgin lah!
[maxty] hw can bite onli nt virgin lehz?
<******> Kingsley bite till there was a big cut, doctors had to sew everything up.
<******> including my vagina.
<******> if got no vagina, how to be virgin?
<******> yo, u gone?

Too bad, that was the last post.

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