Wednesday, November 29, 2006


"Diamonds are essentially worth nothing,"
says Mordechai Rapaport, whose Rapaport
Group price list is the industry standard.
It's all about what they signify, he explains:
In the case of a wedding ring, it's the guy,
not the one-carat diamond. By that logic,
he adds, "when a guy gives a woman a
diamond and someone was killed for it,
it is not worth anything."

Me reply; Found this amazing
statement. I began to think.. hmm..
Before that, Nonnie, i know you want
Bobby to buy that Diamond above.


Pigs of d day..

Serene's friend..

Images taken from


Iwan, is this how yours look like?
I mean in your fridge... this carrot
good, coz of vitamin c's..

Nonnie, this carrot good, for skin.
It has many functions, can use for
massaging, erm, also entertainment.

This i think new type of carrot. Bisexual,
gay carrot. I think Serene love this one,
when you eat this type of carrot, will
look young and energetic...

OOO.. so sexy..
just like.. below..'

======Grooming.. too long..

Imagine your friend.. at the hair dryer
for one hour..

hmm.. let's see..
Nonnie and i was discussing,

strand by strand of hair.. blowing
blowing.. blowing..

After blowing hair for one hour, erm..
Make make up put on the
eye shadow, one dot by one dot..

Put on the macara for one eye blow
by one eye blow..

Hahha.. bet you reading this oso feel slow
huh.. yep..

Do you have a friend that grooms for 3 hours?
but in the end looks like this..


Monday, November 27, 2006

Lock.. And key..

hahha.. hmm.. you think is love forever..?

I was having a cute conversation with me
friend.. a yesterday..

Please [T]hink who are Your [Key]?
Can Open your [L]ovely [L]ock.

Me; hmm. so what type of key are we talking bout..
Her; oh.. if you love someone, that someone is your key
Me; can i use my key to open my house lock?
her; oh.. Cannot, this is different kind of key..
Me; how come my house one rust?

her; oh, but this type of key is forever one..
if you love someone and some love you.
It can always unlock my lock. And his key never

Maybe your lock louya one..

Me; hmm.. how bout if i know how to lock pick
doors, can i unlock yours..

So notti yep..
yea lo.. I am pretty notti at times..

=====---- Guess, everyone is looking
for the right love.. mwhahaa..

Hmm.. But how bout two keys for one.. lock..


onnie, i think i am in love..
And getting Married tommorrow with

Recently, Nonnie said

"Why is everyone getting married.. ?"

Hahha.. me.. too.

The poem for Vivian.. and the memories
we had..

Vivian, the first day, i saw you,
i knew you were mine,
everysince i own you, i know,
i can depend on you. It has
been a few days you've not
at my side..

If only now i could b with you..
Polish you.. Modify you..
And make your interior ever
so sporty..

Ah Vivian.. I wanna drive in
you soon. again..

Hmm.. this is the interior i hope
to get for Vivian one day..

She will definitely look so hot..
in that. I wanna keep money to modify you..


A joke..

Student... can you tell me what's the
formula for water?

Student; Hijklmo

Teacher; wrong..

Student; but that's what you said..
H to O.. (H20)

New links to visit..

Gx princess..

meet the small notti gal Known as
Grace.. My new pal.. and partner in crime.

visit now


The Wing's Gf.. me friend's
Gf.. the notti chocolate lover.. blogs..

visit it now

Friday, November 24, 2006

Pics of the day..

A new
you can
add to
your car..
at it's

Get it from now..
only 99 cents.. hear me.. only 99 cents..

OO..yes, my sons in training on how to
peek on a babe.. Shh.. don tell that babe..
But hmm, hopefully it's not a guy in there..

I think tht's Serene.. inside OOO.. Cute..
Wait till my sons tell me if Serene's butt
got mau mau or not.. Serene, no running
away this time..

I presumed these are the guys
from Nonnie's school..
from her latest blog..

--------------------------------Cockroach eating.. porn..

Just not sure what to say.. but this is the cover of porn
and the gal eats cockroaches.. Is it legal?

Man, you know what pisses me off. Sissi boys piss me off.
Yes, Just like my last post, men are becoming women.

In friendster, Boys post like gals. Damn, men, if i was
to pose , i would post like the rock or stone cold. WHAT!
Following gals poses to be cute.

Second, i went to the beach, I was looking
at sisi boys, n their sisi actions was pissing me off so
much that i just thought, you might as well, just go home
and sleep.

In one hour, i picked 4 bags of garbage. And the sisi boys,
Not even half a bag in two hours. They jus pretending to
pick rubbish. They might as well, not come, just stay at
home and sleep. And they are wearing gloves and using the
tongs. Man, Just use the hands, that's why hands were

At a volley ball session, i saw some sissy actions too.
When the ball was falling to the sissy boys, it was
like they had a bomb dropping. And he looked so scared
like that. MAN. Where have the brutaliy gone.

If a bunch of aliens come, i think the gals would do a
better job at protecting the world. Sometimes, i just
think it ain the world that has been violent, it's just
that men has becomed more sisi. World war 2 was violent
and it was before the creation of violent sports.

THAT'S ALL.. folkks.. till the next post..

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How to get a long distance massage..

Hi Serene, I m bak from world destruction..
Did you noticed that one of your spongebob
merchandise is missing? It was calling my
name and i stole it...

BLEHZ.. Yes, ba, Serene, i was
kidnapped by a bunch of gay..
Now my butt a bit painful.

I know your digging your nose right now..
and your butt crack there.. got smell..
So notti..

Me; I feel so pain now at my neck,
hmm.. I wan something.
My fren (Serene); wat

(Shhh!! I am framing
Serene, right now..

Me; Massage please
Serene; how ar, so far away you poo poo head..
Me; JUs send me an osim



There is something weird going on
here.. But what? You'll see..

I was sitting at d canteen of my uni,
there was a sign, organ donation...

OOO... Organ donation..

so i started to investigate..
Whenever i saw my friends,
i said, HEY MAN..

you going to organ donation?

Hmm.. no one gave me positive answers..
no one hd too many organs to donate..

Hmm, organ donation, the only question left
to answer was which organ to donate?

My butt.. hmm, too smelly, no one wants,
my finger, don know where it's been,
my legs, dont know where that's been either..

how bout heart to be donated? Nope, i think
no one wants my eveel.. heart..

Actually, it was an advertisement gone

It was blood donation..
Next post up.. REDISCOVER ME..
I've wanted to say this for a long time ago..
Porn are weird these days..
Cockroach eating porn, is that even porn..?

And so Nonnie's pic of the day..

Saturday, November 11, 2006



Al Gore made this very amazing statement
in the documentary he made called


------- 2 SITUATIONS

when a frog is placed in a hot water it
immediately jumps out but however,
if he was in another container with
water that slowly heated up,

he would

not escape from the water... and the
water would heat up till extreme
heat and he would still be inside...

Remember this frog..
Look at him, don't he remind you
of Serene Poo Poo..

The face oso same..
The dance move also..

yes, Serene, it looks like you.
And I know your digging your nose right now..
And your buttocks too.. hehehe..

Nonnie, Iwan and LuLu...

Me.. yea ba, i know i am fat.. That's
how i look like if i am a frog..

Guess where is me,.. there is one that looks the
most handsome inside.. and that's me.. hehehe..
big eyes..
Adopt me, adopt me now.. i only eat alot...
Make shure you got lots of chocolates,
ice cream, etc.. in your fridge..

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hm... Guess, i am more hardworking these days..

--------Exams are coming.. hmm..
From the lazier person to one hardworking guy..

When i jus came to uni, i would study for
two exams just one day before the exam
and to make things more extreme..
at 10 pm at night. hahaha..

MY man would say

"son, you studying or listening to techno?"

Slowly it became 3 days before exam...
and now one week before exam.. but
one thing must always be there to study.


"Son, are yo really studying?"
]Bullying people 101

Yes, this is the sedative LuUeE tat your
gonna know..

My friend: You think too much...
Me; you think so little that you got
a pea as a brain..

I usually give people two chances to
do something and if they piss me twice
that's it.

My friend; whatever..
Me; whatever..
My fren; only use what ever at d right time..
Me; only use what ever at d right time..

but it's not good to keep on
bullying people if they dont bully you,
later they traumatized.

Friendster part 2..

Sometimes, a guy or gal at friendster,
becomes so involved in their friendster,
creates more than 2o accounts.. hmm..
20 accounts..

I wonder why?

N at their picture, wow, what a hansome
hunk or babe but in d end, just a erm..
Cannot say d word.. Bad karma..


Do you get annoyed when that fine young
person does not let the pregnant women sit on
the bus chair..


Serene, why you so notti, wht
you inspecting and dressing
as a guy digging the nose now,
and digging butt.. yes, i 've got
put a spying device in yo room.

Nonnie, today, i reveal to you how my
butt looks like, hmm. in there got
4d number..


Tuesday, November 07, 2006


COMMENT REPLYS for kek 2..
Interesting fact of the day..
Games.. What bout them..

go there now..
One couple and a Bro..
And a birthday Boy



Kin Yan, its yo birthday today..

Happy Birthday to yo Bro,
Hope you all d very best..
And dont cheeky too much.. Or else
meeky later.

A Boy..

IWan, you ROCK.

Jus knowing Nonnie for two months,

he gave her a Watch.. THAT'S PURE

I know a friend who is like you.. you know
Coincidently, he called himself Eywen..

Continue your good work.

A couple..
Bobby n Nonnie,

Bobby, he plans and make such nice
greeting cards for Nonnie and plans
such a glamourous birthday for Nonnie.

And that's Bobby acting cute.. hehehehe..

He is a great fren too.. A role model..
Yes, he made this..
Single people in frienster.. hahha..

when you look at their status...
It states there single.

But yet they've got a relationship.
My fren the other day told me,
When he message this gal.

him; How's yo?
Her; Moodless...

I think either you gotta be happy,
sad, angry.. Moodless is NEW..

Him; Why yo?
Her; Oh, My

BUT THE most coolest is
when the people state that
they are in a relationship but actually
they are single. hahaha..

And oso some of the guys in there,
love to post very many pics of themself.
Posing is ok. But posing pics with
the same facial expression and post.

Hmm.. Now that's what is questionable.

The most cheapest way to get yo eggs.

Only rm 1 per entry to this disco.. Hmm..
Wow.. cool.. Hmm...

gotten from

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Dedicated to Nonnie King..

Nonnie King, bet
you thought i 've
forgotten, Nope..
I remember.. and
this blog is specially
dedicated to you.

Some Poems...

to Nonnie, Happy Birthday to Nonnie,
Happy Birthday to Nonnie,
Happy Birthday to you...

Here inside this big cake is a gift..

TWO STRIPPEERS jus for you..
Sexy huh.. Shh.. don tell Bobby..

Hey Baby ,wanna come dip in with me,
LuUeE paid me big Bucks..