Saturday, December 30, 2006

hmmm..I was browsing my sister's physic book..
and saw a very amazing statement.. this was what
was amazing..

"bodies attract each other solely as a result of the matter they contain."

Yes, this was from the physics book.
Love story in a physics book.


Me was with me mate one day. And was driving.
We arrived at this place. And there was a very amazing.

Very very Amazing,
name for a company.


Hmm.. don' t that sound familiar?

Me; man. do you c wht i see?
My fren; what kan?
Me; Did you C.F.kin?



I got this from Men's health Malaysian edition
December issue

Men who ate fish for lunch consumed 11 percent
fewer calories at dinner than those who ate beef
for lunch. Interestingly, both meals contained
the same amount of calories, proteins, fat and
cahbohydrates. "The protein in fish intake takes
longer to digest than that found in beef and chicken."
says lead study author, Ph.d.

"So eating fish may help you feel full longer and may
reduce your appetite at your next meal"


Some very cool videos of robots
that guys love.. YES.

I guranteed that gals will love robots
after these videos.. mwhaha..

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas is coming..

I was walking around the city shopping malls..
And i heard the song.. Same Christmas song from
last year. yipee.. it tells us it's christmas again..

Hmm.. it's cool at this kind of time. but..
hmm.. why the song is played the whole day
and the same song for so many years
and years and years and years..

I think it's that song i've heard from 6 years ago.
Rumm pan pan pan...
Rumm pan pan pan..
Rumm pan pan pan..

but actually, how long ago,
was the song invented?

The whole day, at every super market..
At most mini markets..
I think the virus of Rumm pan pan pan..
is spreading..

I think i might get infected in the future..

Guys with Japanese name..

I was on friendster..

Haru Ashite.. oo..




Actually its a chinese guy,
acting Japanese taking the same
post.. and acting cute..

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


A few things i've learnt..

I was in the toilet, where there was three rooms,
all the doors were closed, and i heard someone

I did not know where the fart came
from becoz it sounds like it was from
the person in room 1, but then

it sound like the fart came from the person,
in room 2,

But, it sounds like room 3..

What to learn; you can actually fart if the
two other toilet rooms are occupied.
No one knows you farted. Trust me.

Try it.

at the toilet;

LuUeE talkin to cute small boy;
you go first la. Wat u want to do?

Small Boy; Poo poo..

LuUeE; i c.. here is the tissue...

small childrens are really honest.
If your face got pimples, they
tell you,

if you look fat, they tell you..

If they wanna fart, they fart..

But adults; They shy..

at the toilet..
Me; So what are you doing?
Adult; I need to pee..

Then they lock the toilet door..
And a sound of fart..

The fear of adults to be known that
they are poo ppooing in the toilet..
Comments reply;

Nonnie said...

So the commercial is about,

Drink it and you'll get a swim suit?

8:05 AM

reply; Hahaha.. Nonnie, yep, i guess so,

that was you is it, in that clip.. it looks like
you.. hahahaha..

Secret Admirer~ said...

Mirian liao? Hahaha........
BTW, i tink u ever gif me a christmas card!!!
And I think i ever give u christmas cards!!
Hahahaha~~~ So forgetful one u...

Love ya oways... Mwahss!!!!
what's ur occupation now? part or full? Mm...

12:16 PM

My Reply; hhaha... You ha.. Wishing you Merry
Christmas.. I m graduating on February..
Goin to work soon.. not shure where..
See where the plate is bigger.. Yep..
Currently, i m a happy Mirian Married with Vivian,
my beloved Car..

I think i really am very forgetfull.. i oso don remember,
alot of things that i did.. hhaha..
but i guess that is what have made my life better,
all the unhappy stuff i always forget.. hahaha..
Can say i am really happy now..

Jus wanna say, you've made my day special.. hehehe..
If got chance, can go limteh.. mwhahaa..
pIGZ of the day..

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

==-- Announcement..
The next post entry will be around next next
monday.. The Angel, LuUeE, me of coz, is going to go to the temple to meditate for one.. week... OO.. Btw, her nick's Angel.. Enjoy this post..

People who have no manners.. n UGLY. Yep, i m right,

if handsome
oso cannot have bad
I went to transfer adress a few days ago, saw this tall guy.. Yes, this is how he looks like.. Tall Minus the looks and a hot body. I think he is just tall. He has a 9;1 ratio hair cut.. And his face was quite long.. Like a hammer.. When he came i could feel the energy like his face can hit a nail. My hair on my body jus stood up. I could feel the energy. The energy of the hammer faced, weird hair styled, specs guy. Anyway,s this was the situation Since the company had not opened yet. So i stood outside. Him, and an American senior. The door opened. He banged the American Senior. To get through the door first. What kan. this guy. Wait la.
What for the rush.

These type of people i know la, is the one who at the road drive at 130 km/h. Same oso la both oso get home.
Not a gentleman. Plus he wore specs. So it was time to get the numbers. I got mine and when my time came, this ungentleman jus went and sit there. Btw, the American went in later and said "YOU shure have no manners"

I think this is how he looks like.

Christmas Gift ideas. Christmas is coming. I guess, the best gift that is to be given to a person is a memorable experience. If your budget is high then you can get a highly priced gift. If not it,s better not to give. My friend told me that. It really stinks when she receives a present and found out it was broken. If me, i think Christmas, is to treat your friend to go to eat at someplace and have a chat. I think it's the experience that counts.

btw, i think i've never bought
In Christmas gifts for any one
at all.

I suggest giving a
stipper. mwhaha..

=====------------- Hahaha.. At the cinema, There was a horror movie coming up and so i saw my friend. Said to him "Later don let me hear ya scream like a baby" Hahha.. There were some notti kids watching the horror movie too. And everytime, there was a horror scene, they scream. Later after the movie, i said to my friend. "Just now i heard ya scream. =========-----
You can switch to any channel you wanna
watch. coz there is no other stuff to watch. on tv. mwhhahaha..

A very very unique Japanese Commercial

Monday, December 04, 2006


And so another chapter of silliness today..

A guy; who jus broke up with his gf..

That guy; who Jus broke up with his gf says;
Man, i feel so insecure, no gf with me. I can't

His gf dumped him like garbage.

What about the air, food, water? What do you
call that.

But come to think of him.. This is my advise
for the guy. For everyone no matter how
they look like, they have bad habits...
This is one of them,


Yes, no matter how pretty or handsome,
or gayish, or erm, lesbianish a person is,
They shit.

Below is how a person look like when

This is oso how your friend looks like
when they dislike something.

Why did i eat too much meat,
Now the poo poo cannot come out.. So pain la.

btw, I've gotten these pics from Harold
and Kumar.

A white couple

His wife gave birth; A black gal.
Hubby; why is she black.

Wife; coz both of us too hot,
that's why the baby got burnt.

Alice gave me this joke.
Code name; Dan Dan.

which means Egg, Alice Egg Egg..
Visit her site to look at a very






scary lizard now.

It's alive by the way. I've never seen such
beautiful(opposite) animals in my life before till now.
Alice knows how to cook good dishes with them.

This i think is SPider lizard, a lizard that has the
powers of spiderman.

And so combined with spiders and Cicaks..
Cicaks; means Lizard.. we got cicak man..

Yes, Malaysia's own superhero. Fresh.
He is Spiderman Evolution.
Just like Lancer and now Mutsubishi Lancer

Got this from the official website

Visit her blog now

Pig of D day..

Oh.. how cute.. That's how Serene looks like when
she was a small baby, Pinchy pinchy.. How come
you so dark ha?

Btw, this pic is taken from.. Erm.. Little man.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

haha.. Gal are really notti..

I don look pretty..

But you do.. baby..

No i don..

Hmm... Actually i think what gals wanna hear is that

Yes, yes, you are so pretty

BUT nope, i don think that is what should be said..
I know gals la, They know they pretty. but just
want me to prove it. hahaha..

Is it? you not pretty ka? Dont lie me la... i know
you know your cute.. mwhahaha.. so notti..


Baby, you know, i like you so much,
you like me.. ???

Or else i cut your toes..

Gal; You, ok la... but i treat you like friend
and now, you can cut my toes.

Ok la, hmm.. usually a gals says this coz,
the guy is not ok. Maybe he be ugly, but
she jus a bit polite.

If not your surely, she will reply
back.. yes. i like you too..

I was paying my bills and i saw one
fat man, specs, he sat down at the
counter.. and started to complain like
a women non stop..

non stop

non stop

non stop

non stop

I jus couldnt take it and left to
sit else where.. Jus couldn't stand
the nagging.. LIKE A GRANDMA..
this guy..

Even some grandma's are cooler than him.


Pigs of the day..