Friday, June 29, 2007

Been some times since i wrote a post.

Today will be a long one. hhahaha. .LOads
of things happened.

Firstly, I was at this shop to eat.. rice.. and wanted
to order. And there was only one customer before me.
He took quite a long time to order. He was pretty

He looked at the food to choose for a long time. Then
he pointed at the bittergourt and said...


Hmm.. If it was not bitter, it would not be called bittergourt.

Next he looked at some veges cooked with meat.

Then he asked "Is tat veges cooked with meat?"

Ngaiti (Hahahhaha.. just a slang)
Obviously that's meat.. with veges.

This type of guys so fussy. I think when he go back.

He will ask all sorts of questions to his wife.

Honey, How come honey does not taste like honey?
Is this a battery charger?



Some very funny pics.
Micky forwarded them to me.

There's actually a truth in it. Coz, we

all are human afterall. We do disgusting things
some of the time. And no ones perfect. lolxxx..

When a couple just got in a relationship,
so romantic, never show any bad habits.
When married suddenly everything comes out.


Other than tat, i really dislike people who is
very irresponsible in the toilet esp at
Kopitiam. (Open air Food eating place).

I went to the toilet and saw one really really
disgusting scene.

BIG BIG BIG.. SHIT.. there inside the Toilet bowl.


Reminds me of HOT DOGS.

Wat is so hard about flushing. Flushing not only

creates a nice scenery. Or is it, the person did flush,
but his shit was too heavy to go down the toilet?



Intro to you my friend,

Went to cafe with her. Had a nice time chatting.

whahaha.. So paiseh wat she wrote bout me from her blog.
Lolxxxx.. THANKS.

At night, i had a drink with my Brunei's friend--
LuYee at Coffee Bean... He is my very 1st Brunei's friend...
He is so friendly and kind... And he got a lot of PRETTY sisters....
HAHA... Not like some... Though they are rich and owes show off
show off... SiEN... HAHA... We chat chat almost 2 hours... just talk
something about.. erm... dunno how to say... just normal talk...
HAHA... Thanks for the drink... ^^

Someone very happy le, her
*AHEM* *AHEM* come back.

Check out her blog. It's cool.

And Currently i've been a lecturer for around 2 weeks
completed. lolxx.. It's a really cool job.

Time to show you some of the things that happened
at office today.

There was a special event called the
Citarasa Malaysia.
It means the taste of Malaysia. held in boulevard.
And the students of the college where i teach went
there to make moktels.

Looks good.

Show you some of the previews here.

Anyways, before i went for the show. I went

to this fast food chain.
was really anticipated for it.

But so disapointed.
In the menu show that, i saw CHicken chop.

It cost RM
13.44. not worth at all.

It was smaller by twice the size of wat was in the menu.
I eat finish still hungry man. And the chicken
did not look so spicy.

HAI.. heart pain.

If is nice, nevermind la.

To be continueed...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dear Diary.. This is wat i did today...

Was washing clothes.. till i noticed something..
My clothes was giving birth to Money..

YES. YOu heard me right. Money.. came out.

I think this is wat actually happen:

Our clothes are placed into a washing machine.
Then when our clothes touch water. Then
it give birth to money.

More money came out.
Moral: To wash my clothes more often. lo.lxx.. true.
If i wash my clothes a million times,
i'll have a million bucks.. lolxx..

And so after washing clothes, i went
to a wonderful beach in miri. For dating.
I was dating my Car, Vivien.
We caught the nice sky light. So nice.

It's been a while since i brought her to
date at such a lovely place.

A lovers paradise.

Then we got home. On the way home. I saw a man.
He is no ordinary man. He was brakeman.

I think he uses his leg as a brake.
People motobike have only two sets of brake.
But this motobike has 4 sets. It includes his legs.

At night, i bath Vivien.
Took a pic of my wife. Lolx..
She's beautiful.. She's beautiful for me.. lolx.. Jame blunt.

And so i tat was how i spend my day.

Note : This is a made up story of what happened. hhaha..

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I bought a new Book. For writing purposes.
It's not a diary. COZ IT SOUNDS GAY.

Inside on the first page, has something
really really interesting that i wanna share.


It is for writing bisness stufff.

1. Scrub the dirt under your nails. Clip
your nails short. Men with unclipped and dirty
fingernails just look gross.

Look at mine.. NEAT LE..

But of coz the last one,
the pinky finger is a bit longer coz it is
used to dig nose when got nose shit stuck
inside there. NOSE. It feel itchy ba.

Not having finger nails is like not having spoon
to eat.

2. If you have a beard, mustache, goatee, make sure
it is trimmed well. Keep in mind that many woman
have sensitive skin and find kissing man with
facial hair turnoff.. Most of the time, a mustache makes
a man's mouth look small, his facial expression sad,
and if it is droopy it just looks ridiculos.

3.If your teeth are yellow from smoking or coffee,
try an over the counter whitening toothpastes.
For the best results, spend the money and get the
whitening gel and mouthpieces from your dentist. Nothing
is sexier than paerly white teeth. Also, if you hve
any broken teeth, check into bonding. It is an inexpensive way
to make your smile look almost perfect.

hahaha.. SO white le the teeth. And yes,
No mustache. And goatee.

You know why it is called Goatee?
Let me show you.

4. Take inventory of your wardrobe. When was
the last time you bought something new?
Wear something classy and tasteful for the first meeting.
Dress slacks and a shirt or nice dress shirt. Don't wear
jeans or t- shirts on a first meeting or a date. And wear a pair
of loafers or dress shoes (make sure they are not scuffed).
Leave the hiking boots and tennis shoes for a casual date when you
get to know her better. You can tell a lot about a man
by what he wears on his feets and how he cares for his shoes.
A good pair of loafers always look good. Dont ever wear shoes
that are scuffed, dirty, or are in despeare need of
polish. Don't ever wear jeans with holes, see through clothings,
polyester clothing or jewelry that makes noise when you move.

HAHHA.. these are my night clothes.
Only wear them at night. Cos i scared later
if i wear them on days then the color faded.
And the shirt is out of shape.

5. Take a good look in the mirror. Do your eyebrows
run together? If so have them professionally
tweezed or electrolysis to remove the unwanted hair.
Countless man go dateless because they have a stern/
severe look from eyebrows that knit together making
them look happy.


6. Get a haircut and make it short. Hair past your ears
let aloe your shoulders look ridiculous unless you are in
a rock band or a model like Fabio.

Dont know whose FAbio THOUGH.
Make sure the long hair is clean.

7. Fragrance- smell is an important attraction. Make sure
you have a shower before your meetihng if it has been
a hot day, you just worked out and or/ you have been traveling.
You may be used to your own body odor, but there is no
greater turn on for a woman than a man who just showered
and shaved with freshly shampooed hair and a light whiff of
a good designer cologne/aftershave.

Can try using en..

Escada, D & L light or Boss.

I censor the brand
name coz scared got
Sued later.

Ask a gal first, what she likes, then buy that
and put on yourself. So it smells so good.
Nothing turns a gal more than if you have showered
XIANG XIANG ( smell good) and then
put on a cologne she loves.

But of coz, dont go buy the lousy cologne,
later wear it then it expire on the body.
And it stinks. mwhahaha.. I DONT know
but maybe it will happen.


Lastly, Yesterday, for my 6 months anniversary
which Vivien. I bought something for her,
bought her new jewelry.

Vivien, Thanks for all the days,
you've spend with me, I wanna love you
till the end of time. Gonna wax you soon.
Coz i scared later you kena sunburn,
if i park you outside where there got a big sun

And also, will wash you always. hahaha..