Monday, July 16, 2007

I almost parted from Vivian.. I feel that..
But now our bond is stronger. Phew.

It's the same feeling..THAT U GET WHEN..
U love someone for so many years and then later,
he just left you and it will never be the same.

Why.. I almost parted with Vivien...
I was driving her on a long journey to Brunei
from Miri for two hours. And then later, when
i parked her, steam came out.. I thought she
was gone.

So that's when i decided to buy a new car...

I still feel pain.. ALMOST LOST HER..

I now know how important she means to me..
I will be with her forever and never change her
for a new car..Next time let my wife drive her.. hahaha..

When i get a new car..

Vivian is also my first car to work that my mommy brought me...

And i've thought for a long time, if i bought
a new car, i've got no money to go dating.. which
is really terrible. FOR 9 YEARS PAYING
LOAN for the new car. And who knows she might
not be as good as Vivien..

Even if the worst was to come, I just change her engine.

Phew.. Before you buy a new car, or dump anyone,
make sure you think carefully, or else later,
you will really feel the pain.. THE PAIN..
is intense..

Have a big space also don park..
Simply park.. like their father own the parking lot...

That why they still drive lousy car.. You know la..
The way a person park their car show their

i know this guy very BAD TEMPER..
He park so near my Vivien.. I almost got
a heart attack..

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hahahaa.. Michelle said some really funny stuff..

LuUeE. . . I am gonna cut a botak in the middle of my hair.
Later very shiny.
Michelle. . Later too shiny, people from the opposite side
when they drive, they kena blinded. Coz
the other driver see something so shiny.

Later.. Michelle.. Ur Face is as slippery as an egg?
UNtil the ants cannot crawl on it.

Me; My face the ants cannot crawl. Too slippery.
But my leg got a lot of hair. Later the Ants stuck in the
thick jungle cannot escape.

And one of my students today..

LuUeE . . . Why don't out college have a pub. And you (Abu)
become the DJ.
Abu. . . Later who knows while i am the Dj, later,
the principal comes in and becomes the DJ.

== you know la, when you have friends,

and they are single, we always hang out together,
go watch movies, to the bar, to shout together, to
run together,


Suddenly, it's like No more together...

I have a friend who was close to me, and so
ever since he got a GF, he never called me out
anymore, EVERYTIME, when i asked his sister
where he's at, he's hanging out with his gf.


Did you do tat tat.. ? in the room.. why take so
long time.. always..


Oh.. actually they are praying in the room,
coz of his gf parents are head of priest. HOLY..

and the next thing is that..
i saw some couples, love their behalf so much,
that they post a whole page of their bf
pics on friendster.. and it is like a motion picture.
One pic from another's only difference is
small hand or armpit hair movements.

And the shirt and hair style everything is the same.



Recently, the newspaper show many canser stuff.

Yesterday, my sister was brought to the doctor
to check her skin with my mommy.

DOCTOR. . . It's a kind of erm
start with K .. forgot how is pronounced.

Me mommy.. Is it KANSER..

Doctor.. No la.. A kind of korn..

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hahhaha.. Dating sites these days are totally Different.
Last time any one can join. I was reading My idol,
Donald Trumph blog when i came across an article
that featured this dating site that only allowed
beautiful people to join. First the person must
submit his or her pic which is then voted by the public.

But i guess some times it's hard to be looking good,
coz after a person is born already these facial features
are there. Never change already. HOW TO CHANGE.

Go to

These are some of the rules to join.

Saggy boobs... in fact no saggy anything!
Sweat patches
Nerdy glasses
Pocket protectors
Weird pubic hair
Fishnet stockings - Fishnets are okay, provided you are hot
Fat rolls
Out of proportion noses
Non-symmetrical faces or bodies
Red hair and too many freckles .. yes, that's right
Hair in the wrong places on women
Too much hair in the wrong places on men
Pasty skin
Patchy skin - especially if tendency to flake on others
Disproportionately Large ears
Lack of personal hygiene
Out of date fashions
Out of date hair styles (especially perms)
Large hips (men)
Small jaws (men)
Teeth that aren't straight
Teeth that aren't white
Uncared for fingernails
Bald patches (men, but particularly, women)
Facial hair (women)
Long back hair (men)
Anyone with a middle part
Ear and/or nose hair
Crooked or webbed toes
Webbed fingers or toes
Bent essential anatomy (men)
Oversized essential anatomy (women)
Lack of visible skin between eyebrows
Mid-digital hair
Ski jump noses
Wobbly upper arms
Hairy feet
Large gaps between teeth
Overuse of bright blue eyeshadow

Wah lau.. This is even harder to pass than an interview..

But i guess, these are the guildline that everyone
can use to obey to make sure they are up
to the standard.

I also don dare to join. Later got rejected. FACE RED.

====--- Let's talk bout Love..

These dayS i've been hearing bout loads of
thing bout love.

Like a gal may be staying at a 5 minutes
walking distance to the place she needs to walk.

And the guy who stays at a 30 minutes drive
would be very very romantic. go and drive to
the gal home and drive her to her work place.


Too romantic. But in the future after married,
will do still such romantic things. Maybe drive
1 minutes also lazy.

Anyways, guys take their girlfriend handbags
walking around. Or or..

If the middle of the night, the girlfriend wants
a can of coke, he goes and buy it.

YEA. But the big question is, will this last forever?


I went to eat buffet yesterday night at a 5 star hotel
all you can eat. Time to show you the food.
My employer treat. So nice.

When i woke up this morning i was still full.
SO much. There was sushi, lamb, Salmon, CRab,
roasted chicken, chicken cheese.. ETC..


The pics..

GO GO GO .. eat your buffet.. now.. If you wanna
know where i ate this, COME LA, ASK ME.

Monday, July 02, 2007


As i was walking to the stage, I saw
Spiderman 4.
This year have spiderman 3, but i seen spiderman 4.

Here is the proof.

Got clown. So long i never see clown already. So shy
standing next to the tall clown. Feels short.

My future
students. They are feeling hot..

My colleage,
Chef. When he cooks nice
food, i get to taste it. Nice man. And my student
looking at her lecturer. haahaha..

These are the other photos of the scene of the Cita Rasa
Malaysia. So hot.. HOT AND HOT..
i sweat like a pig..


There was no shade. But lucky i had men's health on my

hand. Can read. While i was reading one page,
don know what happened that a yellow dot just fall
out of the sky and on my page making it ugly.


I tried rubbing it off but cannot.

This page is about the secrets to a woman's brain.

In the end,

There was furniture man. Look at his strength.
Wah lau. So geng.


Car of the day.. This is a very cool modified car,
that parks at hot cross bun everyday, The
bakery shop.


Time to show you my love for chocolates.
Bought so much chocolates recently.

So nice.

This one i buy from Brunei, The shape out of

form coz it melted while i come to Miri.

Micky, thanks for the hershey you bought
for me to eat from KK. SO NICE.. But too
bad din take a pic of it. THANKS THANKS THANKS.

Then bought two more at Imperial mall from
Maureen. ahahaha. So now got
6 packs in my fridge. hahaa..

And my lovely sister, LuJEE bought
for me chocolates from KL.

Saliva drip while eating the chocolate.

A poem to show how much i love them

Chocolates are brown,
made from Choco,
taste so sweet,
Melt my heart,
Feel so high...


Andy my bro, came to mIri.
As we arrived, we headed to town to this lovely
cafe. I actually already eaten dinner.

He ordered
Roti telur.
looking at it, make me so hungry.
I decided to order.

So i ordered a dosai. Ah.. nice..

Nice taste man. It's not Nasai. Or pangsai. i love DOSAI.

And a drink and Andy also ordered
a Ice Lemon tea.
And he usually eats the lemons and he said the lemon taste
like people body odor. hahaha.. I laugh until cannot tahan.


Then today morning..

He asked me to eat dimsum again.

This morning i went to eat kolo mee

with my colleage. And also, after that,
eat again with Andy at DOuble star.
Baked poke rice. NGAITI.