Saturday, July 29, 2006

Crime Scene Investigation...

Hi My name is Luuee, Chief Foreisic

The Crime Scene

Crime scene 2, And yes, I have a hairy Leg

Two Lizards were found dead,
I am here to solve the murder..

I have also hired my team
of forensic experts.

Where did he come from??

After some research, this is what
could have cause the tooot of the lizards.

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

The answers Revealed..

Hi My name is Luuee,
And today, i will two things will be revealed..

1. How did you find my friend..
Rafudi , Is he real.Yea, you bet
he's real, but His friendster aint.

I photoshoped the whole friendster.

2. Hahaha.. you've asked..
where is this special toilet restuarant

The address
Toilet Bowl,
Taipei Metro,
Hsinpu Station, Exit 1

Link here

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Is Grandma dating again..?

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

These are my wife!!!

This is a scene from Ali G that i particular find funny.

Monday, July 24, 2006

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"This food tastes bad".. yea, waitrees
and waiters get this all the time,that
very statement. But what
actually happens when they hear that?

"What, your money
is that big?"

Do they feel good,I bet no,
Do they get piss, Depends.
Theyre not cookin the food.
They just earning low pays from
their boss who gets all the profit.

But what if there was a signal, wat signal?
Everytime, when a angry customer scolds,
waitress raise their eyeblow to the cooks.

Why? The signal that there should
an added recipe should be added to his food.

Once my friend who was a cook said"I actually
add spit as an ingredientto the food".

My debate: I think customers arealways right.
If the food taste badthen chefs should change the
way we cook.Otherwise no one wanna visit
that restuarant.

One sure thing, never wanna piss
off a chef too much. Later he will
add an extra ingredient.

Extra ingredients ranges from nose shit to spit.
The next timeyou see so much bubbles
in the tea, hmm.. there might be an
added ingredient in it.

So the next time you go to a restaurant
to dine in, if thefood taste alrite,
i think youshould not scold the waiter, orELSE!!!

Who's that stranger???

An mtv clip went like this.
A girl walked into
the house
going to the bathroom.
saw a naked but cute stranger.

What would you do in that situation..?

If i was going into my bathroom and saw a
back of pretty girl bathing:

1. Just hope is not a he.

2. Bring out some pop corn and watch.

3. Ask what her number is

4. Maybe from behind is pretty how bout is it really she is pretty..

5. Hope it's NOT A GHOST!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

HorroR Movie...

Does this place look familiar???

Dont this look familiar to you, The faithful
place that you visit every single day, 365
days of your life, But why blog bout something
so familiar. What is it with this picture, It's
just a toilet aint it.

NO!!! It's a toilet restuarant. HI I m LuuEe,
Today, i wanna share with you a romantic place.
Presenting to you the only place where men
can see women and women can see men, And it's

Presenting to you a place where you don't
feel disgusted bout eating in the toilet.
A place where toilets look cool and trendy.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Cool friendster account..

While i was browsing in friendster..
I found his friendster..
Meet Rafudi.. and his cool friendster a/c...

View his friendster a/c


I guess.. your thinking where i found his..

My question to you.. Is this
account real.. The answer will
be revealed.. soon...
One day, my best pal told me.. "Buddy..
you know what.. just now..
while i was running.. on the treadmill..

On the treadmill next to mine was a
pretty girl.. she's quite hot.. a slim body..
with a set of A cup.. you know what..oo~"

"From her behind... her body figure..
like a fitness model.. slim at the
right places.. but why there is a strange feeling.. "

"IS IT LOVE? Is is chemistry?
Although, i din really enjoy chemistry class.."

But one final thing to make things
perfect was how she looked like..

So he wore his glasses...

ARRRRRRRRRRRR............and made a horrific
discovery..And i don't think he enjoyed
his meals that day..

Friday, July 14, 2006

Cartoon comic.. of the day..

Yea.. we hate.. it
at the cinema when
people yell, talk,
sing, put feet on chair..

But we can't hate
a guy for having
a big hair..

A very cool Japanese clip...

This is one cool japanese short
video clip that i found...

After you watch this video..
look at the formula.. at the last
few seconds.. of the video..


Watch now!!!

Gotten from

Why people love to gamble..and singers wanna be single..

"Damn, i lost 5 thousand.."
Have you heard about this phrase all the time..
Then what happens..? Yea.. he bets again...

yea.. you wanna know why..? Me is here.. to explain..

but first.. i ask you... if you eat the same nice food every single..
day.. what happens? You get so bored of it..
that even if someone paid..
you to eat.. you would'nt even think of touching.. it..

The reason why we love gambling
we don't
get to get rewards all the time..
and the rewards is huge.. a million... 2 million..
If you won ever day.. you also.. become quite bored..

And singers.. why they wanna be single.. or faked..?

It gives the fans a sense of the feeling that they wanna obtain the singer..
but yet.. can't get.. them..

And suddenly.. when the singer pronounced that they are married..
a lot of the fans.. give up..

and if that singer was your bro.. you feel bored.. to see him all the time
on tv..

And so that is why.. Singers waanna be single.. and gambling is addictive..

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cool stuff i found from other blogs..

1. Any one wants to apply for this post..?

Wonder how much is the salary..
And how does my potential partner
look like???

Got this cool picture from KimKc..

2. This is a cool dog.. With this cool dog..
You do not need to worry about
Just one look at this dog.. all burglars..
will get frigthen and run away..

Yea, i am mean..
on the outside..
but.. i am soft
inside.. please
all lady dogs..
i am kind..
I desperately
need a date..
I have bling bling...

Got this from Cheeserland..

3. The cool bald one from KangKongBelacan..

I know i bald

Yea.. we are proud to have our hair still intact..
lookin at him.. he looks kinda like me..
Except he is more tan..

With that is this weeks cool stuff i found from
other blogs.. more cool stuff.. coming to a town
near you..

The Worm...

When a worm wears clothes..
he will have lines on his body..
and the cool thing bout my worm is
that he wears thongs.. YEA.. MAN..

World cup 2006...

Italian.s are the champion..

During the whole of the fifa
world cup 2006 month...
People have lost pens,
underwears, Iguana's,
Temper's, Bread,...

I think the coolest moment..was when Zidane Headbutted
the Italian defender..

Zidane: My head like metal man..

Saturday, July 08, 2006

This is my friend.. SHY BOY..

Shy boy is an ordinary person with
a very shy personality.. move your mouse
around him.. and when he feels shy.. he will

A girl.. and her work...

It was Mary's first day going to work.. when she met a cute.. guy..

Cute Guy: Hi..
Mary: Hi.. I am new here..
Cute Guy: Oh.. me.. also new here.. 5 years ago..

Mary thought: wow.. on my first day of work already can meet such a cute.. guy.. Potential boyfriend material..

Cute guy: So wanna exchange phone numbers?
Mary: Ok sure... so tonight wanna go on dinner?

Cute guy: Yeah... but.. i got to ask My WIFE... if she wanna come...

Mary Thought's: Oh brother.. He's got a wife...
Cute guy: Hahaha.. my wife is my Puppy.. Not
sure if she will be hungry tonight..