Tuesday, February 27, 2007

hhah.. In the chinese new year, it seems that everyone
is so stylish..

COZ THEY ARE NEW.. mwhaha.. yes.. New clothes.


I got this from Comedy central,
Small kids jus love to talk about alot of things.
For example Pokemon,
Kid: Bro, Do you like pokemon?
Bro: not really.
Kid: well, i particularly like pikachu, he is yellow,
very powerful, round. And next one i like is pink,
with many hair, and erm, he likes cookies.

Bro: ooo.. i c i c
Kid: So i play these pokemons everysingle day
coz they are really fun. Not only they r cute, but
they are powerful.

Bro bringing his little brother to the bath room:
Well, this is my shaver, and that is my facial form,
and shave three times a week, plus i scrub so i look
good to the babes.

Bro, now do you know how that feels?


Got some cool pics.. from other blog.

How cool can that be? And it a gal.

For who wants fried rice today, these are
some of the ingredients.

Got these pics from www.jayelleenelial.com


From friendster..

Horny Ang Moh, I see that your drooling already.

Got this from www.friendster.com/lenzie

Some cool videos..

The power of old people. Do not mess with the
granny or else. You will pay. Pay. i say.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nonnie' s a teacher and she gave
them a bunch of question to write
and these are some of the most
intelligent ones. mwhahha...

Notti little kids these days.
I got this from Nonnie's blog.
Check it out.


haha.. I was going up to the stairs of a shopping mall..

When i was stopped by many many butts.

There was so many butts infront of me. Blocking the entrance.
THe air was tense,

I was just wondering, how do i get through the butts?
And did the butts have smell. And if there was smell,
how do i pass through those butts without sacrificing my appetite
for my lunch.

But finally i went through. Sweating and smelly.

I was at my buddies house. and looked at his speakers.
So where you got them, you sold me yours.

Bud: I got it from my brother.
Me: So how about your bro?
Bud: He got his from dad?
me: So how bout your dad?
Bud: He has another set.



One day my i was chatting with one of my friend
and he asked.

my friend : Piku (My friend is calling me Piku which means
butt in mandarin) what are you doing?
Me: Piku has shitted today and it was hard, very hard to
come out, i think it was due to the lack of water.

My friend: Ewww.. I am eating my lunch man.


Some funny videos

True Soccer Lover - Funny video clips are a click away

You can;t do this in a cinema,
coz no matter how painful that
stomach of yours get, you will miss
the vital part of the movie. blehzx.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Some of the very amazing stuff my friend said to me..

My friend: if one day i got so rich, i would go to
a shop and pick out the clothes and put it on the counter
and then later, say

These are the ones i don't want. I want to buy all the
clothes from the shop.


Got this from comedy central.

Do you know why is it nice to be with old people
cozyou can actually feel strong. mwhahah..

For example:

Grandma: Son, can you help me to carry
the milk?
Son taking the milk from grandma lifting it up:
yes, grandma. I am so strong.
Grandma: you are so strong. you should be fighting

One day, i was sitting with a senior citizen.
My sis said: Bro, what is that smell.
Me: actually, it's the breath of the senior citizen.
My sis: Oh my, can we move to the other place coz
i really cannot stand it.

Me: Yea, i know, i also don think i can stand it
but i have no choice, coz i wanna be polite.

After sitting there for around 30 minutes,
i really couldn't take it. Hmm, imagine there is a fart.
And that fart comes out of mouth.

and imagine the smell is different from the fart.
but is as smelly as fart. You know what i mean.


Did you know that everytime, a person says this

"Shh.. this is a secret do not tell it to other people."

That the last line will be remembered.


My friend: LuUeE, did you know that, i had a mole
at my butt. Don't tell that to anyone.

You know what, everytime, my friend says dont tell
anyone, i feel like telling other people.
And did you notice that the words Dont tell
anyone become the book mark. hahaha..

So next time you say dont tell anyone,
i think it will be told to someone.

human nature.


Gals usually feel shy when they fart.
Not unless they are close to you.

The first time on a date.

Gal: I think i need to go to toilet.
Boy: Go ahead.
Gal: In the toilet. Yes, it's time to fart.


Battles**ts - For more funny videos, click here

Or who knows they may be playing
Battleshit.. Opps. I mean Battle ship.

I had a very funny conversation with a friend

Gal: I wanna fart.
Me: There is a toilet there. Go and fart inside.


Kiss me baby, kiss me.. haha..

=========------------This video is really funny.. mwhhaa..
And imagine being able to eat while watching someone.


Guy Needing The Toilet - More free videos are here


Friday, February 16, 2007

Firstly, Happy Chinese New Year,
It is the year of the pig.

Yes, it the cute pig year. Pigs serve to purpose.
To be eaten and to be adore. People love the pig
yet eat it.. btw, those pigs that are adores, are
soft toys pig.

To start with is a video i got from

It's a chinese new year video.

But the question still remains. Is that
a gal or a guy. The one in the long hair.
And what type of shampoo is he/she using
that the hair can be so so straight.
Hope you enjoy the video.

Terminator Show 2006 - video powered by Metacafe

A very very cool dance that you can
learn to celebrate the new year of
the pig.

How cool is the year of the pig,
o yea, know a pig who stay opposite of
my house. He is currently painting
his gate. And i think he is using
low quality paint, and so the smell of the
paint is coming to my house.

damn. That smell. From him and
his low quality paint. I need my daily

excercise. and due to that, it's stopping
me from another day of excercise.

And i took a pic of him, digging into
the barrel.

But too bad thats not him. I wish it was him.


A few days ago, another pig came to my house.
He was installing the satellite at my place.
He was FAT and SMELLY.
Unfortunately his sweat droplets fell onto
my floor. NO NO.. NO NO NO.....

but luckily, it mixed with the dirt
on his shirt. Now at least i know where to
find the germs.. ooo.. yea.

I used a high concentrated anti biotik, SPECIALLY
ORDERED from Europe to clean it.
OO.. imagine how many smelly germs could have
spread around my house. And when the hot
babes come to my house, she might think the
sweaty smelly spots are from me.

===============--------------- cya.


Monday, February 05, 2007

Do you know when is it hard to be a sales person?
It's when you have the following customers.

A girl (the customer) was at standing next to
the sliming products and was asking:

Hmm, Miss, can this product really slim me down?

Sales gal: Yep, it can definitely slim you down.

A girl face turning red: WHAT? Are you saying
that i got fat? I wanna complain to your manager.

It sucks doesn't it. Other than that, sometimes,
customers look at the salesperson with an the type
of eye contact that says "


=============------------- Blehz..

Yoda Hip Hop Dance - video powered by Metacafe


I was calling my father and said...
Calling my house..

Me: Hey, how is you? r you home yet?
My father: Son, if i am not home, how would i
have pick up your call? Pooh pooh head.


Yesterday night, really so teruk (Horrible).
I was sleeping and the people really inconsiderate
outside my house. Open the music so loud.

I am not shure whether the loud music at night
got any purpose or not? but one thing was for shure.
No one wants to know that they've got a really
good stereo system. Just because i haven work yet.

It's 3AM. I wanted to wake up and take an egg
and throw at the car of this owner, but was just too
lazy too move.

Another video to share.

Man versus Woman - shower
Link here

Man, look at himself in the mirror
admire his muscle although some people
have fats, they admire them.

Women, prepares everything properly.

Anyway, i find one thing really amazing
about girls, how come girls don mind
wearing a towel and doing some activity
like shaving while watching tv.

For me, i think i feel very naked. sitting there.
naked in a towel. THe naked feeling.