Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Porn star shirt 2...

I wore the Porn star shirt to uni today, And i walk finding the lecturer. He was at the canteen. He forgot to lock his office. Me and friends were so tempted to steal his floppy disk which may contain exam paper. Stood there looking at each other for some time, knowing the lecturer wasn't there, But yet the guilt to steal a floppy.

And so i went to the canteen to find the lecturer.

The wild Boar...

Now is 3 am. I was on bed, couldn't sleep. Decided to place a cd into the hifi. Listened using my headphones. And sang.

Then just 3 seconds into singing. My sis came in and said. OH SHIT!! it's u singing like the pig boaring. I shock, tot who. I was sleeping already. I think my singing is really not so good. Ok la. Can sing, but have voice too deep. Not soft enough. haha..

I remember that last time, when i was younger, whenever i call, that was primary 6. His father said " A man is calling." haha.. I always also wanted to be a singer. But i don think the wild boar sound is making it big. haha..

Monday, May 29, 2006

When not parking straight pays...

One day, at night, there was a lecture... I was late and rushing, and i reached the parking lot. And so at the parking lot. I just drove into the parking lot with out thinking. Usually, i parking straight, but on this day, i was lazy. Jus simply park.

Later i found out there was a deep hole next to the parking.

Phew!!! If i drove straight. Surely another tatoo for my car again.

Porn Star...

I went to a shop that day, They sell half price becoz they closin down. And all the shirts are sold at RM 15. And i was thinking what to buy... And came across.. PORN STAR. was thinking, should buy or not. Then just buy la. Haha..

My friend then asked me, YOU HAVE WON THIS SHIRT ANY PLACE YET? i said no, why?
haha.. He said if him, he wont wear it. haha.. And i asked my mommy, what it look like, she says two balls. haha..

I told my friend... haha.. When i go dating this is the shirt i will wear. This shirt, I will wear to every date.


ee@The oil price has now gone quite high.. SHOCKING.. Even the baby agrees..

Yo man!! Oil has shoot up, last time can buy many milk, but now, so little.. And also i used to have enough to buy beer, but now... OIL.. has taken all, How do you expect a baby to grow up normal without any beer...

Hai~ ya i agree.. Oil is expensive. My best method is to wait for it to be almost empty first. Then only pump more oil.

My father always say to me.. "SON, your not afraid later stuck at somewhere.. " But actually, i am lazy to go to petrol station. hehe.. also scared later if i know i got full tank, then i drive very fast and get more tattoos for my car. Haha.. When i see my oil so little omost empty, i drive slowly.. haha..

My Car Tattoos..

I've been driving for three years and My car has also got some tattoos that i've made. Quite painful. But too careless, i am sometimes. haha.. I found six tattoos...

I don know who but, while i park it then they just open their door and bang my door then there is a line there.

I think this one is a mysterious dot. But my theory is that, it must be banged from my gate. haha.. creating a pimple there.

There is a bit disfiguring but it can't really be seen. This happened when i was at my friend house. Someone park behind me, so lazy to call him, and then i just tried to back up and there was no drain cover and the car feel into the drain.

This one i bang some one car by driving backwards. At my friend place.

This one is becoz after i pump oil into my car, din drip properly and some oil spilt onto the paint and make the paint come off.

Mission: Mouth Wash

My mother got free mouth wash from her friend while buying something. And the thing is the expiry is just two months away. Hmm.. at July. Now is almost june already. One more month.

Mission: Use finish 2 bottles of mouth wash
Time: Every evening although until now not open yet

They know I AM single!!!

I am not sure it is i am destined, or has horoscope checked that i am single. But every day, when i check my email, i feel a bit surprised that since i am single, I receive horoscope 4 single people.

Click image 4 bigger picture..

I've wondered what if i got into a relationship, then what would happen, is it the horoscope knows. haha..

Sunday, May 21, 2006

This is my other blog account

PSP, SO far yet so close...
When ICE AGE 2 CAME OUT, I Went to watch it. And i Join the lucky draw.

Few weeks Later, a msg, came, You are lucky winner, You can come to draw either PSP or Poster. I went there and din get the draw but mandotory poster.

Then after some times i thought back, I got CHEATED.
HAI~ I din ask them for prove about who won the PSP, who knows maybe he keeps the psp himself and sell it later and cheat me. THAT MAN. hai~

If i got the psp, i would sell it, invest money, then earn the profit to buy another psp.

But the poster also not bad.