Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the future..


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The future is a great place to be.. 

How does the phone look like.. 

How does the house look like.. 

How about the car.. 

How do we dress..

Well, i went to U tube to find some videos on about phones.. 

ok,. here are the phones of the future.. 

Future cars.. 

Then there is the future houses.. haahaha..

I can imagine now.. you do not need to switch on the lights, but
the house switches the light on itself.. waoh.. hahahaha..
and robots help us to clear our plates and all.. but
isn't it we would be lazier?

Well, there was a saying, Britain represents the past,
New York represents the future and Japan represents the future. 

To know what the future looks like, we have to look at what is happening in Japan.
Recently, there was a show which introduced about this photo booth, where you
could actually take video of yourself and your friend and then download to your handphone.
Now how cool is that. Although some people would hate that. On a bad hair day. '



Blogger lasapka said...

enjoy the current life, no need to think too far to the future.

9:56 AM  

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