Friday, January 26, 2007


I don know what to say

But i feel old every time someone
calls me "SIR" or "BOSS"
It makes me feel old. I prefer to be
called Mr ba.

One day i was at the computer shop.
There were two employees older than me
i think.

He said. Boss.. Here you go, we
have repaired it for you.

Man.. Do i look like his boss kan?
Do i look wrinkled?
I am younger than you (the employee).


My friend;
why did you not write she but write he
so biases

coz i lazy to write S ba.


I was at the cinema and a scene showed a gal
in a mini skirt.

Then out of no where.. there was a loud sound,

"OOO" haha.. Made by some men sitting at the
back row.

yep, jus to let you know, men always notice gals
who wear mini skirt.

Dono why it happen, but when a mini skirt and leg
are combined. The eyes of us men just cannot
control. It is saying "LOOK look LOOk"

Then there was another scene showing a guy,
in the toilet, and the gals behind my
row was saying,

"Eww.. is he pissing"

Btw, just to let you know,
men never talk in the toilet.
Men never go in the toilet in groups
being risked of being called GAY.

No.. GAY.. i want a girl. I dont want
butt pain.


I've been watching videos recently,
and found some really funny and interesting
ones so i am linking them for you to view.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Two people were fighting for a gal,

Adam; I like her
King; I got bigger muscle than you
Adam; i think that's fats
King; Let's who the gal chooses
Adam; ok let's ask

Girl; I don't like both of you, I am a lesbian.

*PENGSAN* (fainted)


I was in class and i saw something sharp,
was it sexy, i guess this depends on what
you see.

It was coming near,
coming near, i could see the pointiness.
It was unpleasant, the feeling,

It was a guy, who had breast instead of
a chest. A cup i think. I just couldn't
stand looking at it, except to say,

or else, i will surgically remove them.



I was at a bank standing there,
and my notti sis, took a video...
i found it quite funny, so
i sharing this with you.



I was on the net and found a very interesting

I've attached them, it's a hookup show,
all is approximately 5 minutes long,
but very funny..

MyHookup Episode 1

MyHookup Episode 2

MyHookup Episode 3

MyHookup Episode 4


Sunday, January 14, 2007

===--- 2 Should suck or not?

Sometimes, when I go out, and drink
these ice blended chocolate, coffee.. etc,
i just wonder should i suck finish all the
liquid, coz some of the liquid is still left.

But then if i suck all the liquid inside
later will have a loud sound.

Picture this;

Going on a date, and there is still some
liquid left in the blended chocolate
which i ordered,

And becoz one cup of it, cost a lot ,
I suck on it, really loudly, coz every
single water particle in that cup
cost 1 cent.

Then my date will think

"WHAT is my boyfriend doing
on the firstdate, this is just too


Recently, My Vivian, has gone
to the workshop to fix due to
some problems starting the car.

It is a good time for it to break down

Coz if it's later there will be a problem.

Picture this;
Going out with a date, arriving at
a very posh restaurant,
and then we look very glamourous,
eating, then come out,

I wanna start the car and then the
car breakdowns.
Everyone's eyes will look towards me
and my date

And my date will be thinking

"Oh, my, my friends are looking, so

And so she shoulds

"Nope, this is not my date,
i just went to eat with him, coz
he threaten me"

I don not know him..

Did you ever bite your pillow
coz it taste so good, esp the recycled

I've been addicted to it, when i was
young, The feeling was like going
to disney land, although, i like to go
to eat french fries more now adays,
a replacement for pillow biting.

Anyways, what is pillow biting really
like, what happens, this is the question
to answer today.

Basically, when you bite a pillow,
saliva is injected into the pillow, and since
inside the pillow has got soft cotton,
biting a pillow is like biting cotton candy.
except like biting a sour cotton candy.
But due to it's different taste, biting
pillow is very thrilling.

Esp when you bite it, then
the saliva come back into your mouth.
Like drinking your own saliva, and
injecting it back.

Blehz, Did i spoilt your lunch?
this entry was meant to do that.


taken from

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Today, i went to fix my car, coz i thought, My car
can start but then stop...
then i went to the mechanic to fix my car,

Brought the mechanic to my place,

Suddenly the car works properly,
And i said;

"PLEASE, Don work properly... "

but it worked.

And i had to pay the man $10.

I said. Don't know why it works now?
And he sarcasticly said "No need to say
why, only pay me 10 bucks" With a look
like wanna diarrheas..

But still it was worth checking,
anything for my lovely VIvian.


I was hearing one song,
and the main lyrics was

"Your pretty when your faithful,
Your pretty when your faithful"

By Bush called inflatables..

Yep, this is true, when a couple love
each other alot then suddenly breakup.
suddenly the guy will feel the gal to be not pretty
and the gal will feel that the guy is not handsome.


One day, My friend came to class,
he had a very weird spiky hair.

Too much wax and too far of a gap
between hair.

So i told my friend,

"You know in class got a guy has
a weird hair stlye"

Amazingly, his hair stlye was not weird
spiky anymore the next day, and the day
day after that day.. , i got really shocked.

Like he could hear what i said to my fren..


=== --- Did you have a frend
who had a very bad hair stlye but
you din wanna tell them coz you din
wanna hurt them?

But i guess it hurts your eyes,
everytime, looking at that hair.
It looks so

TERUK (horrible) La..

Some guys i saw, leave their
hair so long, from the back, when you
look, accidently, think is a

And the hair like wanna

ROSAK (damage)

then wanna broken. And very Dry.

I keep wondering how to tell your friend


Did you ever see bad guys becoming good?
This is the video of bad guys become good
citizens on earth.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I think something smells bad here.

After Nonnie's latest post. Yes, Nonnie, who calls
me Lausai head, mEaning, diarrhea head.

It's about relationship. Blehz..

her blog.

When couples get together,
See them, kiss, kiss, hug, kiss,
hug, kiss, hug.. So close.

btw; i really dislike looking
couples do this in public.

Wanna kiss, go home ba.
Got home. No groppings please.
esp the butt area.

But what if the relationship

Scold each other, say each other is
bad person. Tell other people how
bad the other is. Give back all
the gifts. coz it got the memories.

And feel painful, cry here and there.
Getting emotional. Feelings coming out.
Alot of problem la.

"Its a mistake"
Then cry. cry and cry.

"I still thinking of him/her"
And that person with other people
happy with another person.

Blame here and there.

How to annoy people.

A; I went to check the doctor
Me; which doctor?
A; Liver
Me; what is his name?
A; I din see
Me; did you get his namecard?
A; nope
Me; How much you pay?
A; $400
Me; Wow, so much, hmm.. so was she cute?

Hahha.. guess that when you read this conversation
you get annoyed.

The best view in the house. Good view esp when
you eat something delicous.

The middle one is me, yes, i look sexy.

Cold... If you swim inside i don gurantee
what will happen to your little brother.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A new yEAR 2007..

The net has been slow lately due to the earthquake
which needs two more weeks of repair.
We are lucky, we gonna still have

Two kids were made orphan protecting her children
from collapsing rubble.

Today i am gonna talk about Beer Googles.

Did you know that at night, everything looks
good. Your car seems to look better, your room
seems to look better, the weather seems cooler.

And your date looks better. If you wanna look
better, always go out at night.

Let me show you an example.

Before is the pretty gal you see before
9 pm.. and after is the gal you see after 10 pm.


Durian sellers.

This is the month of the durian.
And the durian sellers are smart.
Although the durian is rosak already,
they still sell. it.

How to get a good durian.

1. There must be no holes.

If got hole, means something is inside.

2. There must not be a spilt open

If got spilt open means the durian oredi
few days old, already open by other
customers and rejected and placed there
for sale.

But the sellers are smart. They use a rubber
band to tie it.

The seller rushing ; buy this one good,

But when you go home open, inside rosak.
Must inspect the durian carefully,

And if there is no smell means the durian
not yet ripe, if too much smell, durian too


That's all for todays.. blehx..