Thursday, August 03, 2006

The most pissful Blog entry of mine...

Damn Pissful day today I got.

Me and a couple of friends walked into the
classroom happily. What did the Lecturer say?

"Class is full, you can't come it"
Attending lecture is a crime now.
She offended Lim Pe (Lim Pe means father)

Damn, your( to the lecturer) subject so proud
to attend meh? I just attend becoz got no damn

I wanted to punch her in the nose so hard.
Even if she's a she. But i was in a pretty good
mood and left.

I even spoked politely to her.
And she treated me and my friends in such
a bad way.

I am always the very happy guy who never
wanna find trouble. dAMN her.

My friend then said "What if her children got
such a bad treatment." She also get
piss man.

JUST WAIT. Last thing to say bout this lecturer.
50 years old already don come teach la.
Just go home sleep.

Sorry, Readers. Just wanna share with you a
really bad experience. I don usually scold

Moral: If you get bullied, Don't stand down
if you are right, Always fight for your ground.


Blogger BaBy JeE said...

DAMN shit her... make me angry also... SLAPZ her ar... As i'm violently active... SCCCCCCCCRAAATCHHHHHHH her car too... daaaaaaaaaaaaaaammnnn har old poo poo head...

7:58 PM  
Blogger HoT_ProPerTy said...

which teacher? coz my bf also got complain le.. wad class is that?? i don understand some lecturers.. sigh.. next time no one show up to her class n then she will cry~

11:38 PM  
Blogger littleguybigkitchen said...

hmmm... mayb you all can forward your grievances to the head? go in a group and your statement is much stronger. all my best to you all.

next time ask her this. "dear teacher, r we as students under your care as we are like your children?" if she said yes, then ask her "if you denied your own children in such a manner, how would your child feels?"

12:20 AM  
Blogger aint that a bitch said...

kick her breast and scratch her eyesballs out bro..then later on..strip her naked and takes pics and post it on ur blog or mail it to her parents..

4:44 AM  
Blogger Ang Gu Gu said...

lol..all violence here =) not good for kids like me...

but i like..hahaha..u should just say this lue :

KNN! MCB! PKM! DNS! HLK! HKP! KL! LC! CB! ToOOoootttt TOooTT u Deep DeeP!

lol..don understand? nvm =p

11:58 AM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

Lu Jee: hhaha.. Yea, I know you my sis. If you were me at that time. I think you would have confronted her right away. Hahaha..

Kim: Yea I was pretty upset over it. She was one of the lecturer's i really liked. All of my friends who din get into her class got really Angry. hehehe.. But things have been settled already. We got another class.

The feeling is like you know a person for a pretty long time, and then suddnely, she change.

7:53 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

Littleguykitchen: Yea, I know what you mean. We went to search for the head and he agreed to give us another class. HURRAY FOR THE HEAD. There were too many students. Actually the class only fit 32 but over 50 students came. But one thing was that if she at least let my friends and i get into the class. We won't be angry. She just look at us with her faced really upset.

hahha.. Hadianto.. Yea, that's what i would do if the next lecturer did that to me.

Ang gu gu: hhahaha.. My friends were really angry. One my friends ( a girl) said, I think she's got menopause.

8:01 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

Lastly, I know it was not really cool to scold a lecturer. But I've met other lecturers who are really nice.

This lecturer really got in my nerves.

I promise to all of you that this will be one of the last time i scold anyone. My apologies. Ohhmm.. Let the good karma come to all of us. hehe..

8:04 PM  
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