Thursday, March 29, 2007

haha.. Been missing in action for some time
so gonna write a long
cool one today.

Was thinking of someone today, so i wrote this.

Today, almost everyone i know, appears to be
in a relationship. Love is in the air. Guys are
spending time with their girls, dogs making
love on the streets, gay admiring gays and
lesbians hangging out with lesbians. Somehow,
love isnt something Im good at i guess. I have
a friend who is really weird and nerdy, but yeah,
he has one of the most adorable girlfriend
i've ever seen.

I do appear to be in love with someone but i
guess it'll never be possible, but nothing is
impossible if i have a burning heart and a
firing desire to one day be with her. One
thing i wish one day i could do was, walk
to her house. Holding the most beautiful
flowers in the world for the most wonderful
girl ever existed. Checking out my breathe
to make sure that its minty fresh and when
she opens the door, i would tell her that
she is the one and i couldnt believe that
she was mine. She's the one i wish to
start my life with and hopefully end with too.

It doesnt matter how many careless mistakes
she made and how embarresing it is, the only
important thing is that she's my girl and
she's in my world. She's prettier than the
most unique diamond and pearls in the world.
Whenever im with her, im the happiest man as
can be. i feel loved whenever your around me
and my love is so true that its impossible to
have a change of heart. Yeah there are alot of
other girls out there, but those girls arent as
perfect as her. My heart told me to stick to
her and thats what im doing. She's the one
person who is always in my mind, where ever i go.

Im Thanking God for the blessing he gave me.
He created the eyes for me to see the most
prettiest girl in my life, the one i'll always
love. I dont want this feeling to go away.
this feeling, the feeling of loving her, and being
with her, gives me the strength to make a better
tomorrow. I love everything about her. Im
showing her my love because..

She's my blessing from above.

hahaa.. touched?
Actually if i got this from a blog.

A 14 year old boy wrote this. How cool
is that. When i was 14 all i thought about
was power rangers, x men, candy.
Kids today are superbly smart.

I know adults that are still childish.

CLick here to go to his blog.


Another reason i was busy was that,
i went out to swimming.

Went swimming.

There was a gal who just got out from
swimming. And when i looked her way,
i saw her butt there was a vacuum. And
man, the grooves were deep. I think you
could placed some books in there.

No wonder, i could feel some suction
when she was in the water. Finally, found
the answer. It was from the vacuum.

Well, just to let you know, when you
go swimming make sure when you come
up of the water, there is no vacuum. mwhaha..



Nextly, I was chatting on msn with my notti
friend, Wing Gf. And she said.

Her: What books can jump?

Excercise books.

Her: What kind of veges disagrees with war?

Peas "Peace"

Her: What kind of room you cannot enter?

Me: Hmm, i think it's your room, i cannot
enter it, only your bf, Wing can enter. mwhaha..

Check her blog out.


A video

Hmm, i think the background fat man
looks like me.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

hahha.. Had an interesting talk with my fren.

In the morning.

Him: Wanna eat go out at 10 pm tonight?
Me: Wow, so late, how bout 9 pm?
Him: How bout you start drive at 9:30 pm?
Me thinking: huh? Is it, the same, i reach there is also
10 pm.

Me: It's the same isn't it?

Who knows if i agreed at 10 pm, he starts driving at
10 pm. hhhha.. I just blur for a while.

Later, he messaged me

Him: Wanna eat dinner? (4pm)
Me: What time?
him: 7pm.
Me: OK, i will message you when i get back. I message you
at 6pm.
Him: Ok but not too late. (5.20pm)

At 6 pm

Me: Hey man, i think i can make it.
Where you want?

No reply

Later i message him at 6.45pm
Me: I am here. Where you at?

No reply.

7pm. I called him, he din pick up.


Him with the exact words:
Hey Man, it's a bit too late now, i arrange
time with you another time again?

hahaha.. what the heck, a dinner is an appointment?
And how long do you actually need to appoint this guy?
3 hours ahead of time?
First time, i meet this type. Usually, for my friends,
i just message them 10 minutes prior. and the answer
is a no or yes. mwhhaha..

===========----------------- Sleeping feels so good.

I usually sleep alot, and so everyday i wake up late.
That happens in the holiday. So my sister were
joking about it...

My sis: If he gets a teaching job, the students
would be celebrating most of the time, coz he
always wakes up late for classes.

I guess students will give him an alarm clock
for his birthday present.

Speaking of sleeping. My mommy uses some very
smart tactics that wake me
up when i feel so lazy.

Mommy: Son, it's 10 am, you haven wake up
your late.
Me: Is it, I need to wake up.

I look at the clock and it's only 9 am. hahaha..

Another day

Mommy: Wake up little man, it's time to go

I don know why, but i automatically wake
up hearing SHOPPING.

I guess u can use them if you know
a lazy person like me who likes to sleep

I think most of the time, i have such a nice
sleep is becoz i dream of someone dancing.
I went online to look for such a video
that resembles my dream and found it.

Wild Dance - Click here for more blooper videos

It's a dancing man.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A cinema experience..

Spartan 300 is a really good movie.
Firstly there is many unique characters.

That is the muscular guy in the movie,
I think his muscles are bigger than me.
But he is a really cool guy. If you bring a friend
like that to anywhere, guranteed that you will
never be bullied. And who knows gals might dig
you. Or scare away potential admirers. hahaha.

The only problem, is how to how who is who,
coz we all wear a mask. David, where are you?
you owe me 50 bucks.

I shall bow to your feet, since you will give me
all the babes. mwhahah..if you watch the movie
you will know what me mean.

Images taken from yahoo movies.

Talking about cinema's, me and my friend
were having this discussion, whether to buy
movies or go to the movies.

The cinema
  • The narrator

Firstly, i wonder why that person behind me
talks to his two gal friends about what is happening

SHOW OFF. When has it been that knowing
what happens next makes the gals dig it.

  1. The commenter

The person who comments about everything
and anything.

Eww.. I think he is not handsome.
Do you think he is handsome?
A gal tells a friend. haha..

  • The loving couple

I hate to go and see a couple doing intimate stuff
in a cinema, GET A ROOM or yet. GET MARRIED.
They are touching here and there, they are
eating chocolates off each other. They just think
no one notice them in the dark. And who knows
did they fart in the dark. And the fart is a love
shape fart. And the combined smell.

  • The person at my side

I was watching 300 and enjoying the violence,
and so the person breathe beside me smells
really bad. My lungs.

My lungs.

It has been infected by the smell of the breathe
of the person beside me.

Sometimes the person beside me just put their
hand over my seat taking my space. Or his phone
rings techno. And he talks about romantic stuff.

HONEY, I I I.. and takes such a long time to talk.

  • The toilet

Only if the cinema toilets have a television in side,
so when one needs to use it, one won't miss the
exciting part of the movie.

Other than that, it's not convenience to fart.
Whenever i wanna fart, i need to wait till
an exciting part to fart.

Poot.. coz the sound will be too loud for anyone
to notice.


Monday, March 05, 2007

haha.. One clip from Japan. Actually there alot. Just
that i noticed this clip at the moment.


Japanness - Watch the top videos of the week here
How cool can that be? Being Legally naked. And yet
on national tv. But i just wonder, did he shit or did he not
shit at all?

Did you know learning any form of martial arts is cool?
Take a look at this video and you will be amazed.

Its Always Good To Know Some Karate Moves - More free videos are here

Girls, i advice you to take some karate lessons,
coz your boyfriend's gonna be peeing on the toilet cover of the
toilet. Its time to kick some balls.

Talking about toilets, it's a wonder why shitting
is considered to be embarrasing.
My friend: I am gonna go shit now. Bomb ur house.
Me: Dont forgot to use a B2 bomber.

Btw, b2 bomber is a type of air plane that is used to bomb house.

B2 bomber.

Ah yes, if only when i
visit the toilet, i could
bomb that much bomb.
it would be fantastic.
I think i need more fibers.

15 minutes later.

Me: How was the bomb?
My friend: I think alot of bombs dropped.
Me: i am beginning to smell a foul smell.
Did you eat durians today? Smells like durians
to me.

you know what's really cool? is when your friend
admits they're going to the toilet to shit. Coz everytime,
i wonder why, we just ask friends

So how was your lunch?
So how was it went, your date?
So how was school?

But we never asked

So how was you in the toilet shitting?
Was it boring ? and did you watch stocks
newspaper or celebrity newspaper?
Did you think of your girlfriend when your sitting there?

I think these kinds of things only occur in a family.
Father farts. And it's normal.

Girlfriend farts and it's not romantic? hmm,
why huh?

OO.. so cool. These pics.

Get your kit here now.

I m doing this for Horny Ang Moh.