Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Hello, I am LuUeE, today, i teach you
a math equation, this is called
"The theory behind getting a women"

So from the equation 1 from the above diagram.
Women = time X money
This is the equation to find women.

Time, yes, i got 5 minutes.
And money i also got. erm.
1 dollar.

SO now i will calculate.
5 minutes i have X 1 dollar i have = women.

2nd equation from the above diagram
Time = money
5 minutes = 1 dollar

Now since 5 minutes = 1 dollars means
i can sustitude it in the equation 1 which is

5 minutes i have (I sub here) X 1 dollar i have

now, Women = 1 dollar X 1 dollar
Har, Women is only worth 1 dollar????

Hmm, after happily equating this amount
I got 1 dollar, so i am gonna get my women


Anonymous Bobby said...

HAha, very good euqation. I bet even einstein would be proud of u for that equation. But better not let any girls see this equation of your equation would become "Woman = Problem square" for you meaning woman is already a problem and you add more problem to the equation when they found out ur equation.

"You blog comment space been pimped" by Bobby

12:58 AM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

hahaha.. Bobby, Yes.. This was one of Einstein's secret equations that he used to calculate for the value of women. And so i found it. Mwahaha.. But i think there are some problems to this equation.. He din state the conditions. hahaha..

8:26 PM  

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