Friday, May 18, 2007

My father is pretty Cute. if you ask me.

A few days ago, he asked me to put some
MP3 s into his handphone.

So yea, i placed techno, old song, new songs.
I set the message tone, to A techno. So it
would sound very very cool. Although,
i knew my father wanted an Oldie.

So later, he complained to me,

Son, I don't listen to techno at all, Please la
Delete it. I want oldies.

So i deleted all the Technos and placed..
All Oldies.

The next day, while i was sleeping. Son,
Can you put some technos inside?


Yesterday , i went out with my sis and Eliza.
And her admirer.

yes, it was funny. That's why i writing it here.

So we were to go this Cafe, And the parking
for this place always full. Then don't park
illegally also cannot.

So we changed place to hang out. Arrived at this
place. And so my sis admirer caLLED.

He parked the car, nearby, and so he din
wanna come down of the car, asked my sister
go and find him at the car. While he din wanna
sit down in my table.

No ball. I told my sister, if he was to talk
with my sis, he should not ask her
to go to the car, should just be a man
and sit down. Talk.

So he kept on saying he din wanna come down.
I kept telling my sister, if he wanna talk
with her, he should have balls and come down.

So at the end,

He said he wanted to leave. BUT JUST AS
HE drove away. AND GUESS WHAT?
He come back and sit. NOW HE'S GOT THE BALLS.
mwhahhaah.. YES, THAT'S WHAT A MAN should do.



Why, look at the way he parks.
Aint that cool. One car, taking three parking spaces.
In Miri, parking in illegal places like on yellow line,
or parking three spaces is considered legal.

COZ IF YOU AINT ILLEGAL, you aint legal.
Got thAT from too fast too furious.
If you aint out of control, you aint in control.

The price of oil is so expensive in Malaysia,
that everyone do not bother to find proper parkings.
mwhah. but who knows i might be wrong.

Show you this pic.


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