Monday, May 21, 2007

Drinking something that has almost expired.

I just remembered yesterday night,
that i bought a drink a day ago,
but fogotten to drink it,
So i went to drink it. Taste so sour.
The drink is usually sweet. I think
The bacteria has already eaten alot
of the sweet part. No choice,
the drink is cost 2 bucks.

At the end, i drank half of it,
Drank 1 buck.

Luckily, the next day,
i din have any diareahea.
Sorry, i long time, din have speling
test, my spelling seems to suck

But no worries. I just google's.
Spelling checker. hahaha..

BOoMb Japan SEEMS to be the most
relevant Word. HUAHAHAUAUA..
So lucky, i din bomb japan.
IF not today, i din thnink i would be
blogging here. Would be stuck in the toilet.
Smelling Expired gas.
From the expired drink.

*LuUeE* has fainted. hahha..


Got this from YES, SOMMPI FORUM again.


Bout male boobies
So funny.

Lackluster: okay i have like muscular boobies...
i would show you guys a picture but im kinda
embarrassed by my boobies lol!

So which Male boobies have you got?
The question is to be or not to be.

No worries. The second male boobies can be
cured. Just go to the gym, and eat less..

And so these are some of the responses
i got from Soompi Forum with regards to
Male Boobies. Btw, i call my Male Boobies.

L And R, Right and Left.

N nope, my right male boobie, isn't call
the right male boobie, in fact it,s called


Soompi member responses on Male Boobies.

lmao! xD
hmm... i think man boobies are kinda scary.. o____o;;
but I guess it's quite not to some other girls lol. xD
er.. and i don't know if that's exactly a turn off or not >_>

if you mean man boobies as in PECKS then
it's a turn on. but.. if you mean man boobies
as in you probably need a bra...then that's
a total turn OFF.

If it's flabby, it's a turn off, like if it's like the
kid in your signature, then yes, it's a turn
off, but if it's musclar, it's a turn onn.

Turn off. I don't want a guy with bigger
boobs than mine.


Blogger Lus & Tira said...

MUSCLE IS NOT SPELLED AS PECKS. it's spelled as "PACKS" baie. AHAHAHAHAH =p love, ME lar. heeeee link me lehh

2:04 PM  

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