Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oh.. my.. Shoot also don know how to shoot
properly.. Don't even bother to take up the
cover seat before shooting.

What am i talking about?


But first, before you look at this picture,
go and eat your meal first.

In conjuction with Section A 67,
it is a crime to Simply shoot on the
tOILET seat.

Will you look at that.. man..
Don't know whose Boyfriend did that..
At the public toilet. Can he just lift up the
toilet cover.

That poor aunty who cleans the toilet
now has to look at it. I bet if he was to
clean that, he would PUKe.

so after i came out of the toilet, went to
the car park to drive my Baby, Vivien,
SAW one really cool designed car.

I think it's sweeet, I guess, this guy
knew his Gal loved cartoons, so he decorated
the whole car with so many stickers.

How romantic can guys be.

Arrived home, and chatted With My friend,
Eliza, and so she made some really cool statements,

Me: so you bought a burger for yourself?

HER: Nope.

Me: How come?

HER: bought for my cousing, My mommy,
and myself. hahha..

*LuUeE has Fainted*



Blogger Iwan Sanchez said...

Luuee bro,
is that the white secretion that guy produce??

oh dear.....

10:41 AM  
Blogger HoT_ProPerTy said...

i hate tat car!! sm1 from my sch is driving it.. i think the office boy or something.. i hate it.. stupid ba.. y u wanna do such a thing~!~ :S!~ sorry to say.. but tats my honest opinion

2:35 AM  

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