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I got this from
Pretty Amazing if you asked me, and i agree...

1. Guys do not care if their friends have gained
or lost any weight as long as it's not becoming
too think or too fat.

Gal A: WAH LAU, why you grow so fat???
Gal B: Kek Tioz =.= lll

Guys: Let's go eat KFC, MC DONALDS
Guy B: I got fatter already wo.
Guy: Don't be a sissy and eat more.
If you don't eat, you don't give me face.
And if you don't give me face,
you don't give my aunty face...

2. Guys do not need to shave below their necks.
But if we do shave below our necks, gals would
not wanna be near us by the second week
cause the hair would be too sharp and short
and it hurts.

The hair can use for scrubbing woks and pans.

3. Few pair of shoes, shirt, jeans are more than enough,
and when we go travel, just one suitcase will do.
And guys only take about 5 minutes to prepare.

Guy a wants to ask his Guy B friend out
Guy a: EH, brother, later you want limteh (cafe)
Guy b: Sure, No problems.
Guy a: I pick you up in 10 minutes
Guy B: Ok.

4. Guys can whip off shirt (topless) at a hot day. . .

5. You can quietly watch a game with you buddy for
hours without ever thinking, "He must be mad at me."

Yea.. We just sit there enjoying football game, wrestling..
And is blank in the mind.

6. One mood, all the time. Yep, i dont know bout this one,
but i guess there are some guys who have different types
of mood.. Sissiness.. Angry.. nagging.. But yea, on a general
basis a guy has no expressions at all whether he is angry, sad..
When he is sad, he just sits there blank. Angry also sits there blank.


7. We can just go to any toilet we want, standing
there doing business, without thinking whether the
toilet is dirty or not, coz there is not body contact.
And when guys are in the toilet, guys do not talk with each
other. Or else, that sounds gayish. So as a result, it
cuts aways loads of toilet waiting time for other dudes.

8. You can sit with you knees apart no matter what you're

360 degrees wide apart also can
180 degrees wide apart also can
90 degrees wide apart also can

9. You don't have to leave the room to make an
emergency crotch adjustment.

Guy A: i wanna adjust my crotch, it's an emergency..
Guy B: No problems, just adjust that crotch.
Scratching crotch is a healthy thing.

10. You don't care if someone's talking about you
behind your back. Yea, this one is true, TRUE,
but i really dislike it, when i see other guys talking
gossip of other people, sounds like an aunty..

11. The remote control is yours and yours alone.
And it has my name on it. And i memorized every
singly button on this remote. I know my remote.

Hbo is on my thumb finger
Star Movie is on my middle finger,
Star world is on my Little finger

Got one more finger , i don't know what to call.
But it controls my CNBC channel.

12. When asking for to borrow from a guy, usually
it just takes 5 seconds...

Guy: Can i borrow you Book?
Guy B: Yea sure.

13. When you wanna go out with a meeting with
other friends, it just take 10 minutes for preparation.
mwhaha. . coz we don't really care how the other person
looks, it would be really weird to see my friend prepared
with makeup on his face. I would run away like a speeding
bullet train. And never talk to him again.

14. If another guy shows up at the party in the same outfit,
you just might become lifelong buddies. Yea, true true..
We guys don't really care, if other guys wear the same outfit

15. If you don't call your buddy when you say you will,
he won't tell your other friends you've changed. Yea, if
guys becomes friends, good friends, even though we din
talk for one year and met a year later, we still would be
great buddies no questions asked

16. GUYS underwear is $10 for a three-pack. That is
why the guys section has not many guys buying clothes.
We just go into a shopping mall, go to the guys section,
pick anything, as long as it covers, pay money. DONE

17. Guys only activity in a shopping mall is to find
somewhere nice, a cafe, pub, bar, to talk with friends
for hours, drinking that cup of coffee or tea, sip by
sip for hours talking crap.

Guys: haha.. I got one friend, he has a wife, is so big size
twice his size. He uses his motorbike to drive his wife around.
Guy b: I think one time, i saw his motorbike plate
number from behind. I was in the car and his motorbike
was in front of me.

I saw, how come his wife use the motorbike nowadays.
Oh.. It seems that he got covered by his wife.

Guy C: WAH LAU. so can his feet really stand it,
when parking down waiting for the traffic light
since you need to keep the bike stable?

Guy: Hai yo, simple thing also don't know,
his wife put both leg down, the whole motorbike
also already stable.

18. When a breakup happens for guys, guys have never been
sleepless and eatless for weeks. It just takes a day or so to recover.

19. Guys do not go thinking what happened to them
if anything bad happens, coz our brain (guys)
are designed in such a way that we just pretend
nothing has ever happened.

And these are just some of
the reasons why god
created guys to be like this, coz we

married the ladies and do not mind of how they look,
think as long as we're wedded to them.

I m not sure what other guys are like, but this is what
me and my friends are like.


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