Thursday, May 10, 2007



Why superman used to fly with one hand?
nowadays he flies with two hands?

Last time, There were manual gear shifts
nowadays There's always auto.


I have chatted with a new friend. Quite a funny conversation.

My friend: Who are you?
Me: The question is how did you get my email address..
My friend: You are quite handsome and cute.
Me: Hmm, who knows, maybe i am a fat ugly guy
sitting behind the computer
and that is the only nice pics i've taken.

There are some more interesting stuff that i fogot.

Sometimes who knows, i might really be a fat guy
behind the pc. MWAHAHAA.. There was once
my friend was about to date this gal who claimed
she looked like BRITNEY and so on the day of
the date, he went to find BRITNEY. only to his

Talking bout love,

sometimes, my friend teases me
when i go out with my gal.
They will like to say

"ooo.. that's your gf. hahha"
For me, i am fine with that. Cause, hehe.. I don't really mind.

I would say, yea. that's my gf.
And we got a great fun. mwhaha..

So you interested know her?

Who says a guy and a gal can't walk around as friends.
And only couples do it. I do the walking around all the time
too with my guy friends. mwhhaha..


Went to collect my grad regalia coz i graduating, and it was
at a hallway where i had to queue. And it was damn
hot, and then the people around me was
talking. In fact, all of them are talking, talking.

=.=lll Making the place even hotter, absorbing all the
oxygen around the place.

IN THE ROOM. I was sweating like a roasted
pig in an oven. My shirt. I wet. Sweated. hai..
Need to wash it again. Too bad.




Blogger Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Yes it is very very hot over here.

4:43 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

haahaha.. Brother.. Yea.. lo.. we need more ice.. kacang..

11:21 PM  

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