Monday, April 02, 2007

Is there such a thing as
fried ice cream,

Recently, i was talking with
my good friend gf,
Wing Gf, she told me
she ate fried ice cream,
then i was thinking?

hmm.. is it possible even
to have fried ice cream?
Coz ice cream is cold and
frying is hot.
Just like gals are gals and guys
are guys,
they are diffeent.

Hmm.. so i guess, when were eating ice cream fried,
it means we are eating gays (between a guy and gal)
but even gays have one gender too. If a gal becomes
a gay, she's still a gal.. hmm..


Got this from a site.

[maxty] hihi
[maxty] intro?
<******> 14f
[maxty] wow so young onli arh?
<******> does tt bothr u?
[maxty] no lah, juz tt nt legal loh
[maxty] *dotz*.. why u say until lyk tt leh.
[maxty] cup size wat?
[maxty] u haf b4 meh?
<******> how old r u?
[maxty] u haf b4?
[maxty] 28
<******> nope never had b4
[maxty] means u virgin rite?
<******> nope not virgin
[maxty] but i tot u neva?
<******> never wat?
[maxty] i ask if u gt haf sex mah
<******> oh tt one, no never have sex b4. i stil so young. Sex what?!
[maxty] den hw come u not virgin?
<******> cos when i was young, my brother damn cheeky, he stuck a sausage in my vagina then kingsley come and bite the sausage
<******> ever since then no more virgin loh

[maxty] huh ur brother fuck u?
<******> siao ah, my brother stuck a PORK sausage in my vagina lah
<******> u know, the BBQ kind. Can eat one

[maxty] what is kingsley?
[maxty] how come he come bite u? u got 2 brothers ah?
<******> nah la, kingsley is my pet dog.
[maxty] so ur dog bite ur down there and ttz why u nt virgin?
[maxty] haha cannot just bite den nt virgin lah!
[maxty] hw can bite onli nt virgin lehz?
<******> Kingsley bite till there was a big cut, doctors had to sew everything up.
<******> including my vagina.
<******> if got no vagina, how to be virgin?
<******> yo, u gone?

Too bad, that was the last post.

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Blogger AiJiet said...

whr can i find fried ice cream in miri? haha

12:26 PM  

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