Thursday, April 12, 2007

This first song here i've got this time, is from a guy..
Quite funny to some extend, but some parts are not for
younger viewers. Younger viewers be warned.

====-----Today's whole theme is dedicated
to love.

I was on a forum a couple of days ago, and
saw a forum's topic. It was titled "What turns off/

I am gonna paste in here some of the funniest
most sarcastic stuff i've read in here.

Some of the most common turn ons are the following.
Nice smile
Good fashion sense
Nice skin
Nice teeth

But i think the turn offs are more interesting.
Coz they are really funny.

long greasy hair
bad acne
bowl cut hair
bad grades (no effort)
disgusting habits
pimples all over face
dandruff all over hair
shorter than me
Cries easily
Had too many gfs in the past
Bushy eyebrows
BORING personalities!
Crappy fashion
stubby nose
wannabe gangster looks
too skinny
Smells horrible
Flat hair
Using the F word every other word (such an insult to the vast vocabulary in our language)
Overly sensitive/romantic
Sweet-talkers who are too obvious
gigantic yellow plague-covered teeth
big hairy nostrils with boogers hanging out of them
mustache..... i think some mustaches have mustache lice..... or fleas...
ghetto talk
constant whining and complaining

If you wanna read the full list of stuff
of what was written click here.
This is where i got it from.

I think a good boyfriend should be one
that will not mind about what his gf does
as long as it's acceptable,
not feel jealous, have goals in life,
athletic, likes to listen to his gf when
she talks, good mannered, not too masculine,
funny, gives a gal comfort, space.. love..
yea.. I guess, that's it.

I think what turns me on in a gal is
cute, has a cute big smile, cute personality...Chubby face.
Wants my attention all the time.. hehe..
i guess that's it.

Speaking of this, I was at a restaurant a few days ago,
Saw one man. On his face was a map of my garden.
There was so many hard pimples stuck there.
And it was black color. And.. It's proximity(distance)
was just nearby each other. It was like a cookie
that was stuck on his face. As he wanted to call a
waitress to come over to him, he raise one of his
hands up high. And lighted up the lighter.
I told my sister, who loves to pinch pimples,
that quickly go pinch it from his face.
I can imagine him singing disco. One hand
up and one hand down.

hehe.. Speaking of love here. I've gotten a whole
list of love songs, that i will place in my blog pretty

Starting from the second song. The band is called
Nb Ridaz, They are mexican and they sound korean.

Still there are stuff that i think should remain at
home at not out in the public for couples.

Like kissing in front of me and
Hugging in front of me like eating a
very very delicious MCdonald's Ice Cream.
Hmm.. Makes me hungry now.
ICE CREAM... yummy...

Then what appens after they married,
How come i din see so much of those intimate
moments. W

maybe this is what the gal saw.


Blogger Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Luuee!! Quite true about what turn a lady off. I think ur sis will give u a good idea what turn her off. So to attract chick just ask her what she want in a men.

9:18 PM  
Blogger 叶子 said...

the continuous..

6:27 PM  

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