Saturday, April 21, 2007

First.. I really tulan (Bee song ( Not very like)) people who ask me for
my personal stuff to just criticize it.

I was at this shopping mall, when a guy
asked me my age. He was a sales person.

What"S your age?
And he stops there.
It's the longest only i've heard so far.

Not that i mind bout anything, but that's just plain
rude. For me, if i have nothing nice to say,
i won't open my mouth. yep, Only the most
honest answers you can get from the honest guy. mwhaha..
THAT'S JUST ME. Cause i am LuUeE.

What does that mean, man, do i look 30.. Just jeloz i am younger than
him still got many years of looking good in front of him.
BLEKS to him. Skinny man.

Jus jelos.. this guy.


Hmm.. What i found out i love bout gals.

PERFUME. number 1. A great perfume on an attractive gal
makes my mind go blank. And just wanna smell more.

A really cool Stlye.

A perfect smile.

A nicely lightly dyed brown hair.

A great attitude.

And a cute baby face.

A notti and bad gal attitude.

White Tofu skin.

The typa gal that can send electric into me. hehe..

Hmm.. yep, these are what i think really attracts me
in a gal. Drooling now. thinking of it.

Went to swimming a couple of days ago.

Haiz.. too bad, that's not what the swimming
arena looked like at the day i went.

Got some tan. Feels good to know, i am a bit
darker in color. Looks more solid. Like a rock.
Hmm.. still remembered this funny stuff
my friend said.

One day, he and some guys saw a really
hot gal, she went into the water swimming,
and then they placed their googles, went
in the water, went to swimm, and you know
what they saw. IT WAS HORRIFIC.
I GOTTA WARN YOU FIRST. this ones' gonna
spoil your appetite.


esp near the bikinis she was wearing.
Who knows i might, be the guy who saw that too.

Saw some guys, hmm... which inspired me to built
men's bra, comes from size a to c. The only difference,
they can legally show off at the public without being
caught. Whenever they were near the water, there
is a danger. Would the water splash out till there was
none. hahaha..


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