Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sorry, my friends that i've not updated long.
This one is gonna be long.

Something cute and sarcastic today.

Chocolate time..

yes, This is my fav chocolate.

-- Its always a wonder why some people,
buy the lousy chocolates.

One of my friends, bought me a chocolate bought from
Somewhere, cannot say the name.

When i ate it, It tasted just like a candle.
Yes, except their black in color. That friend, really
stingy, buy stuff for friend always buy the lousy things.
Man, candles are lighting up when there's no light.

OO.. yea, my friend who i said, won't be reading this
message. But friend, i think you need to buy me better
chocolates. I don't like candle wax.

And even the wrapper cover of that chocolate my friend
gave looks like it is only 1.99 le. i also can take 1.99
from my own pocket.

And this friend very unique, When she counts the cents,
she counts the cents. I mean it. Once.

OOpps.. did i say is a she. That's right. It's a she.
And not just any she. Is a stingy gal.

Once i was in the shopping, i bought something.
It was erm.. 12.99.

I paid with 13 bucks. And you know what she did?
Instead of paying me 13 bucks, paid me 12.99.
Man, i paid with a dollar. I hate cents. And you
know what's worse? This really is the number one
stingy thing you will ever had to hear.

Can i pay 12.50. *PENG*


I never did it..

haha.. Sometimes, i hear people who say i never did it..
But yes, they did it.. Example.

A guy: Hmm, Many guys so damn desperate, love to court gals.
Lucky i not like that.
Another guy: Hey, man, din't i see you courting Silvia just now?



Me and my bro was talking something silly today.

Him: Tommorrow you free ka?
Me: yea, you want me ka?
Him: Yes paktol.
Me: ok, sure. Let's go paktol. Can you be my gf?
Him: Ooo.. sorry handsome, i got another guy.

After i read this on msn, i laughed so much. hahaha..

Him: So tommorrow nite where you going?
Me: Oh, one of my friend who smokes, his whole house
very very smelly, so i going there. I think i need a gas


Blogger Nonnie King said...

I love snatching a handful of coins from Bobby and put them in my pocket.

I love to pay in coins. It makes me feel rich and will not feel heart break. =p

5:28 PM  
Blogger Little Guy Big Kitchen said...

you picked my bad habits is it? ... for not updating blog. lolx. i won't trick kids by giving them false candy made in chocolates. I'll give you the real candy. Lots of em. How abt that?

You're rite. Your friend won't be reading it. How abt his friend eh? Hahaha...

You gay kar, Bi kar or what ah? Ermm... besides you are handsome. Dating ur bro. *pengsan

11:45 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

haha.. yea, dating guys is fun too. Jkjk. we do crazy things when we date together like smacking balls, look at cute gals walking pass by. mwhaha..

Hahha.. Yea sometimes, need other people to tell that friend something he does not know. I've had a friend that was really stinking, and when someone told him that, he just was in denial.. mwhaha..

7:00 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

hha.. Nonnie, it's fantastic to pay in coins, but not great to receive coins make it very heavy in the pockets. mwhaha..

7:04 PM  

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