Wednesday, November 29, 2006


"Diamonds are essentially worth nothing,"
says Mordechai Rapaport, whose Rapaport
Group price list is the industry standard.
It's all about what they signify, he explains:
In the case of a wedding ring, it's the guy,
not the one-carat diamond. By that logic,
he adds, "when a guy gives a woman a
diamond and someone was killed for it,
it is not worth anything."

Me reply; Found this amazing
statement. I began to think.. hmm..
Before that, Nonnie, i know you want
Bobby to buy that Diamond above.


Pigs of d day..

Serene's friend..

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Iwan, is this how yours look like?
I mean in your fridge... this carrot
good, coz of vitamin c's..

Nonnie, this carrot good, for skin.
It has many functions, can use for
massaging, erm, also entertainment.

This i think new type of carrot. Bisexual,
gay carrot. I think Serene love this one,
when you eat this type of carrot, will
look young and energetic...

OOO.. so sexy..
just like.. below..'

======Grooming.. too long..

Imagine your friend.. at the hair dryer
for one hour..

hmm.. let's see..
Nonnie and i was discussing,

strand by strand of hair.. blowing
blowing.. blowing..

After blowing hair for one hour, erm..
Make make up put on the
eye shadow, one dot by one dot..

Put on the macara for one eye blow
by one eye blow..

Hahha.. bet you reading this oso feel slow
huh.. yep..

Do you have a friend that grooms for 3 hours?
but in the end looks like this..



Blogger Nonnie King said...

I'll have to wait for that big diamond....

1:32 PM  
Blogger lunaticgal said...

i got one friend.. >> tomboy.
wait her to make up wait until neck long..
longer than "girls"..

DIAMONDS!!! haha nonnie u want..
m stil underage :P

11:50 PM  
Blogger lunaticgal said...

i got one friend.. >> tomboy.
wait her to make up wait until neck long..
longer than "girls"..

DIAMONDS!!! haha nonnie u want..
m stil underage :P

11:51 PM  
Anonymous Little Guy Big Kitchen said...

wah pk lor buying dat diamond. u getting married izzit? when when? hehehe...

1:36 AM  
Anonymous Best Buns!!! said...

Yoyo Luuee!!! Haha, never knw u changed ur name liao~ Guess Who Im??? Haiz..

I just found out that u have a blog .. Hahaha, what kind of buddy Im ya~

U knw, dis days.. Somethin really shocked me.. I was shocked by so many of u ... Pals and even myself, beginning to shock myself.. Haiz~~~

Whn ru back kampong? I mean Bsb~ And Whn ur ur sem break start? Miss talkin with u dis days tim!!! BTW, Im so sick ryt nw.. Both Physically and Mentally!!! Geesh!!!!

Haiz... ~~~ Ohya, can u guess who Im or not? Give u hints hints.. I love Carrots.. HAhahaa, Full of Vitamin A ryte, good for vision and skin too..

Naw, i dun tink u knw me yet with that hints.. Err, Give u another one.. Mmm... We used to talk on the phone for more than 6 hours aso can!! Hahaha... Who else could tat be? Mmm... Miss ya lotz.. Geezzz..


1:43 AM  
Anonymous Best Buns!!! said...

Mmm... Nonnie? Hahaha, i saw tat almost every where in ur blog.. Hahaha, u like her is it? HAhahaha, Bad boy liao lol... Didnt tell me~

Next time, u married 2her!! Dun 4get to invite ya.. If not, i really smack ur butt!! woo hoo..
Hahaha, jokin!!!

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Gambateh 2u said...

Mmm... Lunaticgal~ U dun wan diamond uh... Mmm....
Since ur underage,u can have chockelate first lah~ Wait till u 'matang' (mature) liao, luuee ge ge will upgrade diamond lol!! But den, u must be his concubine oh.. Coz, Nonnie gonna be his 1st lao po!! U lol, .. hahaha..

who ask u to let nonnie to have it first~ hahahahahaha~!!!

*** I knw, i understand!!! Bwoh dui!! Hahahaha~~~~~

1:53 AM  
Anonymous Gambateh 2u said...

(L)unatic gal 20years liao!!! Still wanna tipu !! Ala, 20years liao, no more babe liao!! Old liao lol!! Hahaha, U dun like luuee gege is it? Hah, or u merajuk-ing tat he likes nonnie more..? Haiz.. haiz... sigh sigh!!!

1:58 AM  
Blogger aint that a bitch said...

hey that monkey so cute.. looks like u lah lueee.hahahahaha

6:48 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

hahah.. Nonnie, jus do some gan guang dancing infront of Bobby and he will shurely buy for you such a big big.. diamond.. mwhaha..

11:22 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

haha.. Lunee, where got underage cannot get a diamond one, diamond any age oso can get. except only if got lots of $$ or not. mwhahah.. And oo.. tom boy.. making up? Cool.. din know.. It would b neck brakin if a guy was to make up so long.. pengsan later. hahha.. =p

11:28 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

haha.. Wang Hoong, yep, i know it's you.. how's you already. yea lo. This is my blog, been blogging for some times now. I don think i going bak to kampong now adays, working in miri oredi officially a mirian, if you coming to miri surely you can find me to limteh.. i welcome you me man.. mwhahah..

11:38 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

haha.. Wang Hoong, if i married surely i will invite you la.. coz me and you have blood in our body similar.. to each other.. miss you me man..

11:42 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

Gambateh 2u; you ah.. so notti.. Next time if you come to miri be sure to contact me for limteh.. COOL.. yo..

11:46 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

haha.. Bro, that Monkey is actually, me...

11:49 PM  

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