Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hm... Guess, i am more hardworking these days..

--------Exams are coming.. hmm..
From the lazier person to one hardworking guy..

When i jus came to uni, i would study for
two exams just one day before the exam
and to make things more extreme..
at 10 pm at night. hahaha..

MY man would say

"son, you studying or listening to techno?"

Slowly it became 3 days before exam...
and now one week before exam.. but
one thing must always be there to study.


"Son, are yo really studying?"
]Bullying people 101

Yes, this is the sedative LuUeE tat your
gonna know..

My friend: You think too much...
Me; you think so little that you got
a pea as a brain..

I usually give people two chances to
do something and if they piss me twice
that's it.

My friend; whatever..
Me; whatever..
My fren; only use what ever at d right time..
Me; only use what ever at d right time..

but it's not good to keep on
bullying people if they dont bully you,
later they traumatized.

Friendster part 2..

Sometimes, a guy or gal at friendster,
becomes so involved in their friendster,
creates more than 2o accounts.. hmm..
20 accounts..

I wonder why?

N at their picture, wow, what a hansome
hunk or babe but in d end, just a erm..
Cannot say d word.. Bad karma..


Do you get annoyed when that fine young
person does not let the pregnant women sit on
the bus chair..


Serene, why you so notti, wht
you inspecting and dressing
as a guy digging the nose now,
and digging butt.. yes, i 've got
put a spying device in yo room.

Nonnie, today, i reveal to you how my
butt looks like, hmm. in there got
4d number..



Blogger Nonnie King said...

Now I know...

Football is a hamsap game!

2:22 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

hahaha.. Hmm, yep Nonnie, I know wat ya mean.. hehehe.. =p

5:34 PM  
Blogger lunaticgal said...

luuee.. u studying or blogging?
me = classical music repeating whole day while exam..
study only starts 10pm too.
but the song playing whole day.
juz to... not feel guilty?
sleeping also playing it.. :P

6:41 AM  

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