Monday, November 27, 2006

Lock.. And key..

hahha.. hmm.. you think is love forever..?

I was having a cute conversation with me
friend.. a yesterday..

Please [T]hink who are Your [Key]?
Can Open your [L]ovely [L]ock.

Me; hmm. so what type of key are we talking bout..
Her; oh.. if you love someone, that someone is your key
Me; can i use my key to open my house lock?
her; oh.. Cannot, this is different kind of key..
Me; how come my house one rust?

her; oh, but this type of key is forever one..
if you love someone and some love you.
It can always unlock my lock. And his key never

Maybe your lock louya one..

Me; hmm.. how bout if i know how to lock pick
doors, can i unlock yours..

So notti yep..
yea lo.. I am pretty notti at times..

=====---- Guess, everyone is looking
for the right love.. mwhahaa..

Hmm.. But how bout two keys for one.. lock..


onnie, i think i am in love..
And getting Married tommorrow with

Recently, Nonnie said

"Why is everyone getting married.. ?"

Hahha.. me.. too.

The poem for Vivian.. and the memories
we had..

Vivian, the first day, i saw you,
i knew you were mine,
everysince i own you, i know,
i can depend on you. It has
been a few days you've not
at my side..

If only now i could b with you..
Polish you.. Modify you..
And make your interior ever
so sporty..

Ah Vivian.. I wanna drive in
you soon. again..

Hmm.. this is the interior i hope
to get for Vivian one day..

She will definitely look so hot..
in that. I wanna keep money to modify you..


A joke..

Student... can you tell me what's the
formula for water?

Student; Hijklmo

Teacher; wrong..

Student; but that's what you said..
H to O.. (H20)

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Blogger Nonnie King said...

Isn't your Vivian badly scratched?

9:15 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

ra... If someone dare to scratch my Vivian.. I will whoop their ass.. A scratch is approximately.. worth erm.. 50 bucks of paint job..

9:29 PM  
Blogger lunaticgal said...

vivian!?!? i wana see i wana seeeeeee

11:26 PM  
Blogger BaBy JeE said...

ahhahahah i think you should erm.. wash vivian, she's a lil dirty! hehe... and inside of her is a bit SMELLY... ko ko... wash vivian's butt...

9:02 AM  

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