Monday, February 05, 2007

Do you know when is it hard to be a sales person?
It's when you have the following customers.

A girl (the customer) was at standing next to
the sliming products and was asking:

Hmm, Miss, can this product really slim me down?

Sales gal: Yep, it can definitely slim you down.

A girl face turning red: WHAT? Are you saying
that i got fat? I wanna complain to your manager.

It sucks doesn't it. Other than that, sometimes,
customers look at the salesperson with an the type
of eye contact that says "


=============------------- Blehz..

Yoda Hip Hop Dance - video powered by Metacafe


I was calling my father and said...
Calling my house..

Me: Hey, how is you? r you home yet?
My father: Son, if i am not home, how would i
have pick up your call? Pooh pooh head.


Yesterday night, really so teruk (Horrible).
I was sleeping and the people really inconsiderate
outside my house. Open the music so loud.

I am not shure whether the loud music at night
got any purpose or not? but one thing was for shure.
No one wants to know that they've got a really
good stereo system. Just because i haven work yet.

It's 3AM. I wanted to wake up and take an egg
and throw at the car of this owner, but was just too
lazy too move.

Another video to share.

Man versus Woman - shower
Link here

Man, look at himself in the mirror
admire his muscle although some people
have fats, they admire them.

Women, prepares everything properly.

Anyway, i find one thing really amazing
about girls, how come girls don mind
wearing a towel and doing some activity
like shaving while watching tv.

For me, i think i feel very naked. sitting there.
naked in a towel. THe naked feeling.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This luuee ah, don't know act innocent or what. Go ask the girls why they don mind wearing a towel and doing some activity. They'll give u 2 answers. A slap or a answer. Lolx.

Ahem, gals... this is men talk. So stay away and don't look.

Well, they still look. *faint

I don't mean to be rude or horny here. Men understands this well. Being naked is a normal thing once you get used to it. It's just like u had watch that video n perhaps more video of that. Do u? Lolx... And you don't feel awkward after watching so many of such videos, right? So it's the same as you being naked. Perhaps I shud rephrase. How many times r u naked? The more times ur naked and the longer ur naked, the less u feel awkward. Right? Well... doing so, then when ur not naked, you'll feel awkward not being naked. Hmmm... Better don't spoilt you. your're too clean to be spoilt. Lolx.

9:46 PM  
Blogger BaBy JeE said...

Hahaa.... u know the girl wearing towel walking around the house? well... he's referring to me la!

9:49 PM  

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