Thursday, January 11, 2007

Today, i went to fix my car, coz i thought, My car
can start but then stop...
then i went to the mechanic to fix my car,

Brought the mechanic to my place,

Suddenly the car works properly,
And i said;

"PLEASE, Don work properly... "

but it worked.

And i had to pay the man $10.

I said. Don't know why it works now?
And he sarcasticly said "No need to say
why, only pay me 10 bucks" With a look
like wanna diarrheas..

But still it was worth checking,
anything for my lovely VIvian.


I was hearing one song,
and the main lyrics was

"Your pretty when your faithful,
Your pretty when your faithful"

By Bush called inflatables..

Yep, this is true, when a couple love
each other alot then suddenly breakup.
suddenly the guy will feel the gal to be not pretty
and the gal will feel that the guy is not handsome.


One day, My friend came to class,
he had a very weird spiky hair.

Too much wax and too far of a gap
between hair.

So i told my friend,

"You know in class got a guy has
a weird hair stlye"

Amazingly, his hair stlye was not weird
spiky anymore the next day, and the day
day after that day.. , i got really shocked.

Like he could hear what i said to my fren..


=== --- Did you have a frend
who had a very bad hair stlye but
you din wanna tell them coz you din
wanna hurt them?

But i guess it hurts your eyes,
everytime, looking at that hair.
It looks so

TERUK (horrible) La..

Some guys i saw, leave their
hair so long, from the back, when you
look, accidently, think is a

And the hair like wanna

ROSAK (damage)

then wanna broken. And very Dry.

I keep wondering how to tell your friend


Did you ever see bad guys becoming good?
This is the video of bad guys become good
citizens on earth.


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