Saturday, January 06, 2007

I think something smells bad here.

After Nonnie's latest post. Yes, Nonnie, who calls
me Lausai head, mEaning, diarrhea head.

It's about relationship. Blehz..

her blog.

When couples get together,
See them, kiss, kiss, hug, kiss,
hug, kiss, hug.. So close.

btw; i really dislike looking
couples do this in public.

Wanna kiss, go home ba.
Got home. No groppings please.
esp the butt area.

But what if the relationship

Scold each other, say each other is
bad person. Tell other people how
bad the other is. Give back all
the gifts. coz it got the memories.

And feel painful, cry here and there.
Getting emotional. Feelings coming out.
Alot of problem la.

"Its a mistake"
Then cry. cry and cry.

"I still thinking of him/her"
And that person with other people
happy with another person.

Blame here and there.

How to annoy people.

A; I went to check the doctor
Me; which doctor?
A; Liver
Me; what is his name?
A; I din see
Me; did you get his namecard?
A; nope
Me; How much you pay?
A; $400
Me; Wow, so much, hmm.. so was she cute?

Hahha.. guess that when you read this conversation
you get annoyed.

The best view in the house. Good view esp when
you eat something delicous.

The middle one is me, yes, i look sexy.

Cold... If you swim inside i don gurantee
what will happen to your little brother.


Blogger Nonnie King said...

You called me "poo poo head" first bor. Sound so innocent like I gave you that name out of no where lagi.

Sai sai.


I hate PDA (Public Display of Affection) too. A little smooch of cheek is alright as long I don't see any tongue wriggling and gropping.

Make me feel like shouting, "Get a room people!"

6:52 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

hahha.. Pooh pooh head is a cute name, part of the last name of the winnie the pooh series. Blehz..

Once, i saw a guy wanted to kiss his gf, and he like a snake and i could feel like his saliva could fly..


8:43 PM  

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