Friday, January 19, 2007

Two people were fighting for a gal,

Adam; I like her
King; I got bigger muscle than you
Adam; i think that's fats
King; Let's who the gal chooses
Adam; ok let's ask

Girl; I don't like both of you, I am a lesbian.

*PENGSAN* (fainted)


I was in class and i saw something sharp,
was it sexy, i guess this depends on what
you see.

It was coming near,
coming near, i could see the pointiness.
It was unpleasant, the feeling,

It was a guy, who had breast instead of
a chest. A cup i think. I just couldn't
stand looking at it, except to say,

or else, i will surgically remove them.



I was at a bank standing there,
and my notti sis, took a video...
i found it quite funny, so
i sharing this with you.



I was on the net and found a very interesting

I've attached them, it's a hookup show,
all is approximately 5 minutes long,
but very funny..

MyHookup Episode 1

MyHookup Episode 2

MyHookup Episode 3

MyHookup Episode 4



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