Sunday, January 14, 2007

===--- 2 Should suck or not?

Sometimes, when I go out, and drink
these ice blended chocolate, coffee.. etc,
i just wonder should i suck finish all the
liquid, coz some of the liquid is still left.

But then if i suck all the liquid inside
later will have a loud sound.

Picture this;

Going on a date, and there is still some
liquid left in the blended chocolate
which i ordered,

And becoz one cup of it, cost a lot ,
I suck on it, really loudly, coz every
single water particle in that cup
cost 1 cent.

Then my date will think

"WHAT is my boyfriend doing
on the firstdate, this is just too


Recently, My Vivian, has gone
to the workshop to fix due to
some problems starting the car.

It is a good time for it to break down

Coz if it's later there will be a problem.

Picture this;
Going out with a date, arriving at
a very posh restaurant,
and then we look very glamourous,
eating, then come out,

I wanna start the car and then the
car breakdowns.
Everyone's eyes will look towards me
and my date

And my date will be thinking

"Oh, my, my friends are looking, so

And so she shoulds

"Nope, this is not my date,
i just went to eat with him, coz
he threaten me"

I don not know him..

Did you ever bite your pillow
coz it taste so good, esp the recycled

I've been addicted to it, when i was
young, The feeling was like going
to disney land, although, i like to go
to eat french fries more now adays,
a replacement for pillow biting.

Anyways, what is pillow biting really
like, what happens, this is the question
to answer today.

Basically, when you bite a pillow,
saliva is injected into the pillow, and since
inside the pillow has got soft cotton,
biting a pillow is like biting cotton candy.
except like biting a sour cotton candy.
But due to it's different taste, biting
pillow is very thrilling.

Esp when you bite it, then
the saliva come back into your mouth.
Like drinking your own saliva, and
injecting it back.

Blehz, Did i spoilt your lunch?
this entry was meant to do that.


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