Saturday, December 30, 2006

hmmm..I was browsing my sister's physic book..
and saw a very amazing statement.. this was what
was amazing..

"bodies attract each other solely as a result of the matter they contain."

Yes, this was from the physics book.
Love story in a physics book.


Me was with me mate one day. And was driving.
We arrived at this place. And there was a very amazing.

Very very Amazing,
name for a company.


Hmm.. don' t that sound familiar?

Me; man. do you c wht i see?
My fren; what kan?
Me; Did you C.F.kin?



I got this from Men's health Malaysian edition
December issue

Men who ate fish for lunch consumed 11 percent
fewer calories at dinner than those who ate beef
for lunch. Interestingly, both meals contained
the same amount of calories, proteins, fat and
cahbohydrates. "The protein in fish intake takes
longer to digest than that found in beef and chicken."
says lead study author, Ph.d.

"So eating fish may help you feel full longer and may
reduce your appetite at your next meal"


Some very cool videos of robots
that guys love.. YES.

I guranteed that gals will love robots
after these videos.. mwhaha..


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