Wednesday, December 06, 2006

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monday.. The Angel, LuUeE, me of coz, is going to go to the temple to meditate for one.. week... OO.. Btw, her nick's Angel.. Enjoy this post..

People who have no manners.. n UGLY. Yep, i m right,

if handsome
oso cannot have bad
I went to transfer adress a few days ago, saw this tall guy.. Yes, this is how he looks like.. Tall Minus the looks and a hot body. I think he is just tall. He has a 9;1 ratio hair cut.. And his face was quite long.. Like a hammer.. When he came i could feel the energy like his face can hit a nail. My hair on my body jus stood up. I could feel the energy. The energy of the hammer faced, weird hair styled, specs guy. Anyway,s this was the situation Since the company had not opened yet. So i stood outside. Him, and an American senior. The door opened. He banged the American Senior. To get through the door first. What kan. this guy. Wait la.
What for the rush.

These type of people i know la, is the one who at the road drive at 130 km/h. Same oso la both oso get home.
Not a gentleman. Plus he wore specs. So it was time to get the numbers. I got mine and when my time came, this ungentleman jus went and sit there. Btw, the American went in later and said "YOU shure have no manners"

I think this is how he looks like.

Christmas Gift ideas. Christmas is coming. I guess, the best gift that is to be given to a person is a memorable experience. If your budget is high then you can get a highly priced gift. If not it,s better not to give. My friend told me that. It really stinks when she receives a present and found out it was broken. If me, i think Christmas, is to treat your friend to go to eat at someplace and have a chat. I think it's the experience that counts.

btw, i think i've never bought
In Christmas gifts for any one
at all.

I suggest giving a
stipper. mwhaha..

=====------------- Hahaha.. At the cinema, There was a horror movie coming up and so i saw my friend. Said to him "Later don let me hear ya scream like a baby" Hahha.. There were some notti kids watching the horror movie too. And everytime, there was a horror scene, they scream. Later after the movie, i said to my friend. "Just now i heard ya scream. =========-----
You can switch to any channel you wanna
watch. coz there is no other stuff to watch. on tv. mwhhahaha..

A very very unique Japanese Commercial


Anonymous Nonnie said...

So the commercial is about,

Drink it and you'll get a swim suit?

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Secret Admirer~ said...

Mirian liao? Hahaha........
BTW, i tink u ever gif me a christmas card!!! And I think i ever give u christmas cards!! Hahahaha~~~ So forgetful one u...

Love ya oways... Mwahss!!!!
what's ur occupation now? part or full? Mm...

4:16 AM  

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