Tuesday, December 19, 2006


A few things i've learnt..

I was in the toilet, where there was three rooms,
all the doors were closed, and i heard someone

I did not know where the fart came
from becoz it sounds like it was from
the person in room 1, but then

it sound like the fart came from the person,
in room 2,

But, it sounds like room 3..

What to learn; you can actually fart if the
two other toilet rooms are occupied.
No one knows you farted. Trust me.

Try it.

at the toilet;

LuUeE talkin to cute small boy;
you go first la. Wat u want to do?

Small Boy; Poo poo..

LuUeE; i c.. here is the tissue...

small childrens are really honest.
If your face got pimples, they
tell you,

if you look fat, they tell you..

If they wanna fart, they fart..

But adults; They shy..

at the toilet..
Me; So what are you doing?
Adult; I need to pee..

Then they lock the toilet door..
And a sound of fart..

The fear of adults to be known that
they are poo ppooing in the toilet..
Comments reply;

Nonnie said...

So the commercial is about,

Drink it and you'll get a swim suit?

8:05 AM

reply; Hahaha.. Nonnie, yep, i guess so,

that was you is it, in that clip.. it looks like
you.. hahahaha..

Secret Admirer~ said...

Mirian liao? Hahaha........
BTW, i tink u ever gif me a christmas card!!!
And I think i ever give u christmas cards!!
Hahahaha~~~ So forgetful one u...

Love ya oways... Mwahss!!!!
what's ur occupation now? part or full? Mm...

12:16 PM

My Reply; hhaha... You ha.. Wishing you Merry
Christmas.. I m graduating on February..
Goin to work soon.. not shure where..
See where the plate is bigger.. Yep..
Currently, i m a happy Mirian Married with Vivian,
my beloved Car..

I think i really am very forgetfull.. i oso don remember,
alot of things that i did.. hhaha..
but i guess that is what have made my life better,
all the unhappy stuff i always forget.. hahaha..
Can say i am really happy now..

Jus wanna say, you've made my day special.. hehehe..
If got chance, can go limteh.. mwhahaa..
pIGZ of the day..


Blogger lunaticgal said...


normally if i smell ppl ppoo
ill shout! :P

i think i say this before in nonnie;s comment..

but then, sometimes we are juz shy over everything that is not neccessary!

10:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



4:34 AM  
Anonymous Nonnie said...

*Cough* SecretAdmirer? *cough*

4:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:51 PM  
Blogger BaBy JeE said...

hmmm I'm still wondering who's that SECRET ADMIRER!

2:25 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

haha.. LuNeE, yea lo.. Sometimes some people poo poo already don flush and beh pai seh.. later they come out stare at you for staring at them.. hahaha..

11:44 AM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

hahaha. Nonnie.. I feel paiseh.. mwhaha... *Shy* face red

11:47 AM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

haha.. Me sis.. I've nothing to say..

11:47 AM  

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