Saturday, December 02, 2006

haha.. Gal are really notti..

I don look pretty..

But you do.. baby..

No i don..

Hmm... Actually i think what gals wanna hear is that

Yes, yes, you are so pretty

BUT nope, i don think that is what should be said..
I know gals la, They know they pretty. but just
want me to prove it. hahaha..

Is it? you not pretty ka? Dont lie me la... i know
you know your cute.. mwhahaha.. so notti..


Baby, you know, i like you so much,
you like me.. ???

Or else i cut your toes..

Gal; You, ok la... but i treat you like friend
and now, you can cut my toes.

Ok la, hmm.. usually a gals says this coz,
the guy is not ok. Maybe he be ugly, but
she jus a bit polite.

If not your surely, she will reply
back.. yes. i like you too..

I was paying my bills and i saw one
fat man, specs, he sat down at the
counter.. and started to complain like
a women non stop..

non stop

non stop

non stop

non stop

I jus couldnt take it and left to
sit else where.. Jus couldn't stand
the nagging.. LIKE A GRANDMA..
this guy..

Even some grandma's are cooler than him.


Pigs of the day..


Blogger lunaticgal said...

gals are nottieeee
i believe if u say they pretty, they will surely say "tell mee seriously.. ik now u lie"

guy"really pretty lah!!"

gal"suakk d lah! always lie me"


2:42 AM  
Anonymous Little Guy Big Kitchen said...

dangerous answer it is. yes or no also you're a dead meat. a yes means they aren't pretty before. a no means... u guess it or try it. lolx

11:19 AM  

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