Monday, July 16, 2007

I almost parted from Vivian.. I feel that..
But now our bond is stronger. Phew.

It's the same feeling..THAT U GET WHEN..
U love someone for so many years and then later,
he just left you and it will never be the same.

Why.. I almost parted with Vivien...
I was driving her on a long journey to Brunei
from Miri for two hours. And then later, when
i parked her, steam came out.. I thought she
was gone.

So that's when i decided to buy a new car...

I still feel pain.. ALMOST LOST HER..

I now know how important she means to me..
I will be with her forever and never change her
for a new car..Next time let my wife drive her.. hahaha..

When i get a new car..

Vivian is also my first car to work that my mommy brought me...

And i've thought for a long time, if i bought
a new car, i've got no money to go dating.. which
is really terrible. FOR 9 YEARS PAYING
LOAN for the new car. And who knows she might
not be as good as Vivien..

Even if the worst was to come, I just change her engine.

Phew.. Before you buy a new car, or dump anyone,
make sure you think carefully, or else later,
you will really feel the pain.. THE PAIN..
is intense..

Have a big space also don park..
Simply park.. like their father own the parking lot...

That why they still drive lousy car.. You know la..
The way a person park their car show their

i know this guy very BAD TEMPER..
He park so near my Vivien.. I almost got
a heart attack..


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