Monday, May 29, 2006


ee@The oil price has now gone quite high.. SHOCKING.. Even the baby agrees..

Yo man!! Oil has shoot up, last time can buy many milk, but now, so little.. And also i used to have enough to buy beer, but now... OIL.. has taken all, How do you expect a baby to grow up normal without any beer...

Hai~ ya i agree.. Oil is expensive. My best method is to wait for it to be almost empty first. Then only pump more oil.

My father always say to me.. "SON, your not afraid later stuck at somewhere.. " But actually, i am lazy to go to petrol station. hehe.. also scared later if i know i got full tank, then i drive very fast and get more tattoos for my car. Haha.. When i see my oil so little omost empty, i drive slowly.. haha..


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