Monday, May 29, 2006

My Car Tattoos..

I've been driving for three years and My car has also got some tattoos that i've made. Quite painful. But too careless, i am sometimes. haha.. I found six tattoos...

I don know who but, while i park it then they just open their door and bang my door then there is a line there.

I think this one is a mysterious dot. But my theory is that, it must be banged from my gate. haha.. creating a pimple there.

There is a bit disfiguring but it can't really be seen. This happened when i was at my friend house. Someone park behind me, so lazy to call him, and then i just tried to back up and there was no drain cover and the car feel into the drain.

This one i bang some one car by driving backwards. At my friend place.

This one is becoz after i pump oil into my car, din drip properly and some oil spilt onto the paint and make the paint come off.


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