Wednesday, March 14, 2007

hahha.. Had an interesting talk with my fren.

In the morning.

Him: Wanna eat go out at 10 pm tonight?
Me: Wow, so late, how bout 9 pm?
Him: How bout you start drive at 9:30 pm?
Me thinking: huh? Is it, the same, i reach there is also
10 pm.

Me: It's the same isn't it?

Who knows if i agreed at 10 pm, he starts driving at
10 pm. hhhha.. I just blur for a while.

Later, he messaged me

Him: Wanna eat dinner? (4pm)
Me: What time?
him: 7pm.
Me: OK, i will message you when i get back. I message you
at 6pm.
Him: Ok but not too late. (5.20pm)

At 6 pm

Me: Hey man, i think i can make it.
Where you want?

No reply

Later i message him at 6.45pm
Me: I am here. Where you at?

No reply.

7pm. I called him, he din pick up.


Him with the exact words:
Hey Man, it's a bit too late now, i arrange
time with you another time again?

hahaha.. what the heck, a dinner is an appointment?
And how long do you actually need to appoint this guy?
3 hours ahead of time?
First time, i meet this type. Usually, for my friends,
i just message them 10 minutes prior. and the answer
is a no or yes. mwhhaha..

===========----------------- Sleeping feels so good.

I usually sleep alot, and so everyday i wake up late.
That happens in the holiday. So my sister were
joking about it...

My sis: If he gets a teaching job, the students
would be celebrating most of the time, coz he
always wakes up late for classes.

I guess students will give him an alarm clock
for his birthday present.

Speaking of sleeping. My mommy uses some very
smart tactics that wake me
up when i feel so lazy.

Mommy: Son, it's 10 am, you haven wake up
your late.
Me: Is it, I need to wake up.

I look at the clock and it's only 9 am. hahaha..

Another day

Mommy: Wake up little man, it's time to go

I don know why, but i automatically wake
up hearing SHOPPING.

I guess u can use them if you know
a lazy person like me who likes to sleep

I think most of the time, i have such a nice
sleep is becoz i dream of someone dancing.
I went online to look for such a video
that resembles my dream and found it.

Wild Dance - Click here for more blooper videos

It's a dancing man.


Blogger Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo!! It is 9.30am! Wakey wakey!!R u a night chicken ( direct translate from manderin )? When do u go 2 bed? If like me during weekend I play pc game until 3.00am then go to bed & wake up at 11.00 am in time for lunch!!

9:34 AM  
Blogger Nonnie King said...

That's how I tricked Bobby to wake up early too!

Purposely say the time an hour early, that pig is bloody good in "lai-chuan".

11:17 AM  

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