Friday, July 14, 2006

Why people love to gamble..and singers wanna be single..

"Damn, i lost 5 thousand.."
Have you heard about this phrase all the time..
Then what happens..? Yea.. he bets again...

yea.. you wanna know why..? Me is here.. to explain..

but first.. i ask you... if you eat the same nice food every single..
day.. what happens? You get so bored of it..
that even if someone paid..
you to eat.. you would'nt even think of touching.. it..

The reason why we love gambling
we don't
get to get rewards all the time..
and the rewards is huge.. a million... 2 million..
If you won ever day.. you also.. become quite bored..

And singers.. why they wanna be single.. or faked..?

It gives the fans a sense of the feeling that they wanna obtain the singer..
but yet.. can't get.. them..

And suddenly.. when the singer pronounced that they are married..
a lot of the fans.. give up..

and if that singer was your bro.. you feel bored.. to see him all the time
on tv..

And so that is why.. Singers waanna be single.. and gambling is addictive..


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