Friday, October 13, 2006

Yea.. Kanasai.. also should be included.

Nonnie's Blog Updated

We want to say sorry for justnow because
we lied
about so-and-so having boyfriend.
she already has a boyfriend in KL
and there's
nothing more about us.. Read on..

LuLu's Blog

Belated mooncake festival.. How you celebrated yours?
Check out how she celebrated hers..

A very Romantic poem

Today, I was in class, I noticed this smell,
I thought i was my armpit, and so, i smelled
it properly, Hmm. It wasn't my armpit.


And so i looked beside me, it was a friend,
he was sitting there not wearin his slippers.
Now i know where the smell came from,
I think it was him,

His feet: Yea, your right, The smell
came from me.

What was bad was that i had to sit beside
him for the next hour... I think he smelled
even more TEROK (tellible; terrible) than
A skunk.
Nonnie, yea, shure one day, come out makan
and see who is funnier. Hhahha.. i think
no need to makan already at that time. We
keep laughing only. Dont forget to ask Bobby
to come.

And oso, hhah.. You don wanna have Bobby
to like buyin the clothes, later i think he will
fight with you for clothes. mwhahaa..


My friend was doin a presentation
and i noticed
that there was a Vacuum at my
friend's butt crack.

Vacuum a suction that is created by the butt

Then i said to him
"HEY MAN! I see
you got a

Vacuum, then his

Yea, i purposely
suction it like a vacuum

to make you pay

attention to the presentation.

And i think
if see carefully,
you will notice
that the
stoneage people
looked at
the buttcrack
very differently.

I think this was a stone made by them
in respect to the mystical powers of the

>>>And so sometimes, when i look at my
friend i think his pants are too low.

What i would do most the time is to
look inside the passage known as the
buttcrack paradise to check it out
if got 4d numbers, or chocolate
balls that Nonnie threw away.

Dat is how Serene always get so lucky,
she look at the buttcrack.

N also to check if there was actually gold
to be found.

Or if the buttcrack got clean enough
or not or got black spots?



When stationaries have gender... Serene,
did you do this? I know it's you.

My fav. mouse. LOOK AT THE PRODUCT

i need to buy this CD-r to burn my
friend PC.


Blogger Nonnie King said...

HAHAHAHAA! For Computer burning! That's really funny.

I always look forward to see your "Pics of the day" lah.

Luuee, ever write love letter ah? Come lah, fight with my student see who more li-hai.

p/s: Thanks for advertising my blog eh. I no money to repay, but I got one big-fat-boyfriend that you can use him as your amah.

12:45 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

hahha. Nonnie always make the most scarcastic statements. Hhha.. I am always looking forward to see what new cool statements you make. mwhahaha..

Me, I've never written any love letter yet. Coz, the teacher only teach me how to write letters for the company.

OOO~ yes, since you gave the permission for me to use Bobby for a day. Yea, I will select a day. mwhahaha =p

8:49 PM  
Blogger lunaticgal said...

hahah sometimes the low cut jeans wear d very nice lhe...
but when you bend down,, hulamak deep longkang d...

so the solution is, wear your panty higher.. so when bend down.. HULAMAK one big piece of panty!!!

lueee!!! i want banner!!!!

1:30 PM  
Blogger Kimberley said...

homo means same. same stationary. *shrugs*

not so funny anymore, is it?

being a prick can be fun at times. ^^

10:17 PM  

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