Sunday, October 08, 2006



Serene, you are notti.. but cute la. mwhahaha..
Yes, You can poo poo any where in my blog.
For you i no need ask you to pay 20 cents.

Give you free.

No wonder i smell durian smell in my blog today.
hmm.. did you eat Durian??

Visit Serene's blog... Read here. Best in Sg.


Yea, Serene, i know your looking at him.
I know you reading this.

Cannot let you know him, he's my friend.
You must treat me nicely first.

Hahaha.. Bobby and Nonnie's son, So cute..
Kuchi kuchi.. mwhahaha..

Teaching Bobby son to swim. Yes, i am a good
uncle. Coz, Bobby teach my son to strip
tease. I feel proud.

yes, this is the rule that my pub has.
And oso for men, if you bring a pretty babe
can get free drinks too.

My friend so notti, i told him don put the cute
puppy in the Rhino farm, he put, Look what
Rhino did?


Hey Nonnie, wanna says thnaks a million for
your hubby's hard work.. I really really
appreciate a million. Managed to raise
Rm 258. 20 cent.s

Going to donate it on saturday.
Will blog about it soon.

Visit Nonnie's blog now. Or else. you gonna pay.


Bobby said...

Wahlau, u nonnie u tot i wont check ee blog ah?
I dont want to 'make' that kinda baby.
It would means the baby would lack some
cells n when they born become blone
evendo there r asian. Also i never
experience an 'Ang Moh' before to
make angmoh baby before tho...but
i'l settle for chalie baby wit u.

PS: Luuee a.k.a ee I'l teach ur
child how to strip tease next time ya hehe

My reply: haahha.. Bobby, you so notti.
Wanna teach my son strip teach. But make
sure you teach him how to strip for the
sexy babes.

How much school fees i have to pay?
Yes, Bobby, is very good at StripTeasing.
I've seen it. COOL.

SunTzu art of war

Strategy 4 - Make your enemy work
while you wait at leisure.

StrAtegy 6 - Display in the east
and attack in the west.

Strategy 7 - Create something from nothing


To SheaSpeare, God will bless you for your
contributions for the old folks home. You will
have shelter and food when you are old. Thanks.



Blogger Nonnie King said...

Aiks! I really don't expect Bobby to read that comment of mine. Hahaha.

Oi Oi Oi. How can you teach my (future) baby to swim by "lap" a float on the neck and throw him/her in a tub?

You guys didn't take any pictures about the carnival?

p/s: Luuee, I hope that fat guy didn't give you any trouble. If he does, sorry yah.

11:35 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

hahaha.. Nonnie.. Yup.. i have the amazing powers that can make babies float at water. Next time your son will be a champion swimmer.

Hhahaha.. Nope, too bz to take pics at the carnival.

Hahha.. nope, Bobby was a great asset of the carnival.. =p

7:50 PM  
Blogger Shea Speare said...

Alamak! Don't have to promote my name on top la. Very pai seh. Lol!

Anyway, if for charity wise, then I don't mind spending the money to it.

5:21 PM  

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