Sunday, October 15, 2006

Cool yea.. Coz they r..

I usually write short sms's coz very lazy..
but the only problem about this is that,
Maybe wasting money. So i usually write
a bit of more silly stuff to add.

Hey man, you free tonight?

But since if i only wrote the above it would be
very short
and a waste of money. So i add flavors
to sms's just to make it more worth my money.

This is what i wrote to

my friend recently, YEP, THIS IS WHAT
I WROTE. So notti yea.

"Hey man, You free 2 9? I wanna impregnate
ya. Visit you."

I like my good pal alot that no one can take
him away from me, but then sometimes
he can be really irritating.

One day he Called me.
me: so how is our work progressin?
Him: Well, very well.

Me: Our results are out already.
Him: How much me got?

Me: Really good. 38.5/50
Him: You?

Me: 27.5.
Him: You lyin? Is it true?

Me: Ya, it's true, what for i lie to you.
Him: Are you shure?

Me: No, you get 13.
Him: Ha! So low.. Tell me the truth.

Me: I am telling you the truth.
You go check it out tommorrow.

Him: Take a pic of the result.
Me: I am home now, man... You
go check it out tommorrow.

You know, he asked other friend
to take a pic, but she was also home.
hahhha.. My friend is very unique.
hahhaha.. If he din check the result
he wont be able to sleep. hahahha..

The next day.

Me: So you already check the result?
Him: Nope.

Me in my mind: What, you so calm?
Him: Oh.. I ask another friend to take a
pic of it.

@.@ (*PENSAN*)
hahaha.. No wonder..

Cool friend huh? You wanna own him?
No way, he's mine.

A very amazing statement Nonnie made

My friend: Hai, no gals like me one.
Nonnie: no gals want you, maybe got guys leh?
hahaha *wink*

I was laughing so much.

Btw, did you know that when you laugh, you
actually excercising you tummy muscle
and mouth muscle.

hahaha. Might not be true.
Just a theory of mine that is unproven.

And so one day, i decided to use Nonnie's
notti statement.

My friend who had a Vacuum was presenting
bout Television.

So later I asked him a question.

Me: So, Do you like watching Miss World?
And is it bad?

Him: Nope.

Me: Oooo~ I c, so you watch Mr WOrld?

You know why it's termed broke back,
Coz usually if two guys have
neh that one that one.

Then later very painful. At the back.

-PiCZ of D day.-

I never found Beer to be Apealing

coz it taste very bitter..
But ooo~ a choco beer, now they
talking. They should also have the
mc flurry Oreo Beer, or the
Hello Panda Beer. ANything that
contains the chocolate is for me.

Meet my best pal, Pain Lover. Many gals dig

him coz he can endure pain. But the only bad
thing is that you will end up not havin to dry
your clothes. If you found that at home you
clothes hanging clippers are missing. It's him.

Hmm. Looks delicious. Do they come in chocolate

covered. I need to order mine now. I think i like
Some oreo on it. too.

No brokeback action please. The nearest

toilet and hospital is 1 km away. If you wanna
do brokeback action go to your nearest wrestling

Man finds £10,000 in McDonald's meal

A Belgian man who ordered a burger from
a McDonald's restaurant was amazed to
find £10,000 cash in the same bag.

Read here.



Blogger Nonnie King said...

The new SMS language

lyk = like
on9 = online
tym = time
wru = where are you
wrun = where are you now
tmr = tomorrow

I bet if the English teacher saw a student writing composition like that, vomit blood till die ah.

"2day, I c my fren on9 in MSN. I ask him "wrun" and wut tym he wana go out tmr."

p/s: Luuee, you broke-back not broke-front one ka? How come love your friend till like that..? I better keep Bobby away from you.

7:46 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

haha.. Nonnie, yea, skoool kids today are so smart they got their own language.

I must take some times to Decode these and publish an article about it next time. mwhahhaha..

=p =p

11:58 AM  

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