Monday, October 30, 2006

KEK... part 2


Nope nothing dirty here. Balls. just mean
golf balls. HONESTLY, that what i think.
(hahaha.. when am i honest)

hahha.. Bullying people is fun to some extend..
But just that gotta bully people in a safe way.

this is how.

Me: Yo, me man, how is yo?
My friend: Whatever...
me: So let's go limteh tommorrow?
My friend: Whatever..

Kek me.. eh..

Kek Making my blood pressure rise.

NEXT DAY - Time to kek back
Him: Hi..
Me: What ever..
Him: How was your day?
Me: What ever...


I jus follow what he do. But i think
Whatever is pretty cool to use if people
annoy you.


Romantic Stuff to do..

On friendster, change your nick
to " I love you, JANE (but put yo darling
name here)"

Then write a really nice testi with love
and a peom.

Stay in the whole room talking,
talking and talking..

Gals these days are jus really notti.

I want a guy with 5 C, or 7.. Or 8, 9..
Erm, hmm..

Cs means Credit card, car, bla bla..
I don really know d others ..
So i think i already fail the first test.
don even know what comes next.

Cat, Cartoon network... but i think
gals want Cs to be expensive stuff.

Carate.. Did i spell Karate wrongly.

Sorry LADIES to dissapoint you.
There is not prince charming these


If he look good, either they are taken.
If he are single, he is broke.
If he is single, he might be gay.
If he is single, his expectations are high.
If he is rich, he wanna have many ladies.
If he is rich, he don't look good.
If he is rich, and looks good, he got a bad odor.

Yes, now we're talking.

BUt if can find this kind of guy, is COOL..
so don't give up on 5 cs yea.

But yet, hmm, i think guys should
create their own sets. hmm.. I want
my gal to have 5 b's.. yea..

Big.. HEART.. not i disappoint you.. yea...
Thinking of something cheeky.. I see..

Beautiful.. PERSONALITY..

Best.. Cook. yes, a man's stomach is
a girl target. But if you tapau

tapau = order from somewhere

and say you cook it, is oso cool.

... I can't think of any now.. hmm.

if all the guys in this world, gonna
have all d 5 c's who is gonna sweep
d longkang?

Credit cards make the boss of credit
card richer only. N there are other
considerations. YES, LOOKS,
and potential for growth.

a guy who is smart IS ALWAYS
BETA THan a dumbpoo poo
who will simply spend all his money
on poo pooing.. POOT..

Something cool to decorate your pc.. Section..


Just look at the pics.. so awesome.
Download it

now. No need explaination.

WAIT. yes, i need to explain.
This program

not only looks good. BUT.
you can use it to organize shortcuts.

where can you get such a good deal.

download it here



Blogger Serene said...

ROAAAAR! I will steal ur apples yes i will! i WILL STEAL ur apples! and then i will put it back through my ARSE as poopoo. WAHAHAHAH!

7:53 PM  
Blogger Nonnie King said...

Wah seh! Your recommendation of the rocketdock is cool leh..

And.. Can't your friend say anything other than "whatever", if I hear it once more I'll go and slap him/her liao lor.

11:07 PM  

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