Monday, October 30, 2006

Weird looking individuals

Quote of d day; BLEHZ..

---------------COMMENT reply

Haha. So if Bobby and I kiss infront of you,
what will you do to us leh?

I will film it and blackmail you later
mwhaha,, hmmm.. I will earn xtra income.

yo cool dude... how r u man? wassup... listening to
i lup u, u lap me ah. wakaka... aiyo, get a girl la...
so gals... Luuee here is for grabs... he's veli nice... :)

hahaa.. Little guy, thnz for your kind words.
Gals, jus grab me at the right places. mwhahah..
(CHEEKY) I am yes Veli nice..

HEY Hadianto Bro, how are you, thnz
for dropping by to give me one comment.
Have a great great day..

-----------------Weird looking lecturer

hahha.. There was the skinny guy
who thought he looked like Hybrid,

I figured something new, he is
so technology savvy tat he wears
tags around him saving

"Computer proffesor, Ahem..
do not mess with me or else
i will hack you"

now presenting a man who likes
to laugh to himself.

Everytime, when i see him anywhere.
I mean anywhere. At restuarants,
schools. and etc.

HE laughs. then I look around everywhere.

Nothing funny. Nope. NoTHING.

But pity oso.. hai..

Remote control.

After watch Click, i think i need a remote
control. mwhahaha. It should have the same

When for example, a boring person
is talking. mwhhha.. FAST FORWARD.

when meetin with a bab
e, and afta talkin
with her then rewind and talk with her again.
hahaha.. That what i would do when
i spend de time with Iwan and his babes.

At mc donalds, after eating something
delicious then can rewind back.

If feel lazy in cllass, jus press the button
to pause and sleep like a pig then later,
wake up. mwhahah..

So many things can do.

Like If see Serene Poo poo. doing something notti,
i can rewind back time and then record it
and blackmail her.

This is wat happens if you don wanna pay for the
tickets after going to parking.


Yea, that is me.. Flying, so high yea?
I know la. COOL.

Chemistry is cool. Can do magic..

Do not steal my apples. Or else.

Serene and her friend, this is the new trend of
caps to wear. HOT.. hot hot..

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Blogger Nonnie King said...

Blackmail me? I where got money to pay you? Can pay with burgers instead?

11:43 PM  
Blogger lunaticgal said...

lulllaa lullall lulalalalulallei

i spamming? xD

12:48 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

haahha.. Nonnie, yes, I wan a year's supply of Burger.. and it must be from My fav place, Mc Donald's.. mwhhhaa...

2:16 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

hahaha.. Lulu, yes, you can spam in here.. whenever you like...

2:17 PM  

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