Monday, October 30, 2006

Iwan, MY apologies

Instll it now at Serene's

Poo pOO's workshop.


I am promoting your workshop for yo.

----------BLEHZ.. Site of the Day

The author of He's not into you. And this
is his show. Watch it now.

IWAN, My apologies to you;It's my fault;
Section of the day.

I checked the ip.. Again..
It was from Victoria Melbourne, Sorry.
Iwan.. I;ve learnt a valued lesson.

Lesson; TO check things more carefully.

IWAN, YOU COOL BRO. I've learnt
something today. BUT STILL you owe
me the babes.

-----------------MEW.. Mew.. mew..

come now to Serene,s workshop, In her
car workshop she fixes this type of cool

If you drive this car out there are shure
gonna be heads turned.


Nonnie: I can see Luuee really loves
to teach bad things to people's child oh.
Don't let your kids near Uncle Luuee!

ahahha.. Nonnie, yes, Uncle LuUeE is the best teacher.
Jus teaches your kids to bully other people for fun.
If you have a son, i would teach him to be a playboy.
sponsor him a fast car, and at the age of 5 teach him
how to court the 20 year old sistas.

Bring him to put tattoo at 15. Dragon tattoo.

Give him bling bling (money) to go play bowling. and
watch good tv shows such as Jarkass.. Mwhahaha..

But no one will bully yo kid, coz he's the most


>>>btw, my real name is kimberley.
just call me kim. erm...
is he really so mean?
what did he do exactly?

Hmm, Kimberley, i think maybe
it's not that he's mean,
but the maybe he does not
know how to use polite

If you know him long enough, you
will know why i said that.

I went to a car saleman and he was introducing
me to buy a car..

"Do you wanna buy my G302.. It has sports
The engines are crazy.. So fast.. and is good

I show you the pics, YOU EVER seen?"

OO.. I was expecting a sports car..
He flipped the pages and show me a car..

It's a box.. A moving box to be exact.. the type of
box car that was trendy 10 years ago.. I think if
i drove that gals would not even wanna step inside"

In the gals' mind "MAN, YOU DRIVE A BOX,
if my other gal friends c me.

Where my FACE GO in the babes list.
Later actually,
i am number 5 in their list goes down to
number 100. hhahha..

Hahahha.. No wonder the salesman
wanted to sell
me his box car coz he wanna buy
a sports car.

hahaha.. I just dont know what is wrong section

Toda,y's people are a bit weird.
Hmm. Today, i saw a couple.

nothing wrong aint it. But this couple i think
just knew for one week. ONE WEEK..
ONE WEEK.. n they are together.

Yep, fine, that is fair enough. BUT...

both of them dumped their ex. BOTH

i don know what to say. Hmm. Maybe i
am wrong.. Who knows.

I think i see the word desperate written
right at their face.

BOBBY KING; tryin to jump on me while
i was poo ppooing in d loo?

LOO toilet.


Blogger Nonnie King said...

You can sponsor my baby a fast car,
you can give him bling-bling to go play bowling,
but I'm not letting you teaching him to be a playboy, and get a tattoo.

Hehe, no one will bully my baby cos his father (if possible) Bobby will teach him/her taekwondo!


6:31 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

hahaha... hmm, UNCLE LUUEE is an angel, I will ask yo Son to put an LuUeE potrait tattoo on his arm..

I will teach him to earn lots of money.. in shortest time. And I will also influence Bobby to teach your son to learn to be a playboy.

10:27 PM  

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