Saturday, September 16, 2006

A friend of mine

Sometimes, i hear a friend say: "It happen to a friend of mine"

Hmm.. A friend of yours eh?

Here are two scenarios...

Scenario 1

Hamsap: A friend of mine got such a poor result in the exams
although he studied hard.

Me: Oh, i c. (in the back of my mine, I know it's you)
I believe you, so tell me more (I don believe you)

Hamsap: Yea, i think he din work hard

In my mind: Oh you din work hard.
Who knows Hamsap might be me.

Have you ever, wanted to tell a story that was a humiliating to your friends that happened to you.

YOu can use "my friend" as a cover. This is explained in scenario 2.

Scenario 2
Me: Mike you know what?

"My friend was going to the toilet

and after she came out it was so smelly that,
people from the outside
just said "Who ate durian today

Mike: Who do you think produced such an
elegant smell?

Me: I think it was Laura, When i look
at her face before she went into the toilet,
She looked like the poo poo wanted to
come out of her face.

Her face was also very red.

In my mind: It was me mwahahaa..And yes, durian is
cheap this season.

WHa!!! Everyone oso need to poo poo ba.
Very healthy.


How many times have you heaRd "my friend"?
and it was your friend.

Here's smething that has nothing to do with the use of " my friend"
BEACHthe opposi te sex of a dog??? That's what my friend heard.

Peter: WHAT!!! did you just call me a female dog?

Me: Huh? What? I was asking you if we could go
to the beach.

Peter: Oh! I c. Well. I dont mind you calling me
an animal but not a female one. You could call me
a donkey, a monkey, a dragon, a lion.

Me: PENGSAN (fainted)

Something from RUSSELL PETERS

So an immigrant jus came from another country

His friend asked him:
"Buddy, i know you just came from land so far, SO ARE YOU COMFORTABLE"

Buddy: Nope, I am have not come for table (COMFORTABLE)" , I am here for tea


Japanese women

1st date
She's shy, so you don't get to kiss her at all.
2nd date
She'll take a bath in front of you and let you smell her panties.
3rd date
You get to have kinky sex with her, then she will bid you sayonara
as that was her fling before getting married to a Japanese man.

Gotten from Jeslin


Never lettin my daughter touch one of these
Aneroxic dolls. Scared later she break it
then i have to keep helping her buy one.


Blogger BaBy JeE said...

HAHAHAHHAHHAHA... Shhh... but I always do that also.. to prevent me from pai seh and to see how ppl react... ehhehe...

Luuee so handsome..

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Nonnie said...

Bobby: You farted ah?

Me: *Look outside the window* No lah, I think we just pass by a smelly longkang nya


1:54 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

hahahh... Yes.. Whenever me sis talks bout her friend, it might be she's talkin bout herself.. mwahhaa..

Thank Q me sis.. mwahaha..

5:56 PM  
Blogger LuUeE said...

hahahhahah... Nonnie, Ya lo, I smell longkang, Hmm.. how come smell like Durian yea? mwahaha..

6:00 PM  

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