Sunday, October 07, 2007


A smile a day..
can brighten everyone's day..

hahaha.. Now online.. and no one is here..

Going to sleep in a while..

Today.. was great.. went out with
me mom,..
And wanted to buy a book..


It's called THE SECRET..

IT teACHES.. individuals..
how to achieve what you want
in life.. how to get good health.. how to think positive..
It hAS changed my waay of thinking.. to some extend..

Here is the trailer.. hahaha..

Have alook..

This is the 20 minutes free trailer..

GO to if u wanna see the whole details..
One thing it teaches us.. is karma.. If we do good things..
we will get good things..

For example.. i see a lot of people usually like to say..
i hate liars.. but are liars themselves.. mwhahaha..
So now they feel like people are owexz lying to them..


Well, you know.. i've actually drawn.. on
my one dollar note.. many many zeros.. and when
my sister was looking in my wallet, she was laughing at me..
so much.. hahaha..

Tat is actually one of the things that can make u
have a goal in life.. to reach ur dreams.. hahaha..

In one months time, i will be launching a website..
using now currently or temporary..
i use for my blog.. but after this it will be a
website.. with details.. for financial freedom,
fashion, comments, prize winnings.. haha.. and many more..

And this blog, i will use LuuEE.COM which if i had
a chance in the future.. i will create a LuUeE brand..

And here nextly is some of the videos of Mr Bean that
are really funny.. HHAHA.. A TALENT..

Spider-Plant Man - Amazing videos are here

Spider-Plant Man - Amazing videos are here


Blogger JaMiLLa said...


I actually found someone who had the same thought with me.

Its all about THE SECRET.

I love it so much. I got the dvd and my sister bought the book.

Everyday I'm practising myself to think positively, the most importantly is to FEEL HAPPY.

I also did the same thing with you about the 1 dollar note putting many many zeros in my purse....just that I din visualise it everyday with my feeling. By looking the notes, doesnt help much but it is to feel the feeling of getting the many many zeros will really help much.

I am happily greeting you by "LueEee, Welcome to the ship of The Secret!" It really takes time to practise so that it will really srengthen up ur soul.

So I apply the knowledge of The Secret in commenting one of my bloggermate team's latest post. This is my first time to apply it in blogosphere. So ppl is hard to accept this knowledge.

If u are free, can read my comment on The Fight Against Abuse Child in

Hope you can help me to analyse whether my saying is not good or too judgemental.

And also I inivited the movement of spreading the news by helping the search of the man wanted.

Thank You!

Good to see U here!

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your useful advice, Jamilla, if at all you're gonna be reading this again. It has helped to reinforce and enhance my understanding of 'the secret'.

Btw, Jamilla, you have not enabled access to your profile. So, I cannot find your blog.

10:27 PM  
Blogger JaMiLLa said...

Anonymous, You're welcome!

It really changed my thinking alot. Not only that, Im on the process of strengthening up my soul to be more confidence on what it's true for me but not other people.

YES i have enabled my access. U can visit my blog. I havent read any post regarding The Secret. I donno how to start. But it seems like LueEe had wrote in a good beginning! Good job, LueEee! I must learn from you.

My Blog What I Feel, I Just Blog It

12:29 PM  

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